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Auricular Acupuncture Essay -- Health, Alternative Medcine

Examining the Effectiveness of Auricular AcupunctureWhat is Auricular Acupuncture?Auricular acupuncture has a variety of uses, some with much documented success than others. Auricular acupuncture is an alternative medicine with some documented success in treating anxiety, insomnia, smoking, drug addictions and obesity. Not all studies have generated determinate positive results and more research is needed to accurately evaluate the efficacy of the procedure in treating multiple ailments. Acupuncture is an ancient medicinal practice that originated in China. The name comes from the Latin acus, or needle, and from pungere, or prick, and involves the insertion of superfine needles into specific points on the body. Once inserted, the needles can be manipulated to stimulate the body for meliorate effects. Auricular acupuncture is acupuncture performed on the ear. The treatment of auricular acupuncture is preformed on the ear using stimulators such as different types of needles, stapl e-punctures, probes, magnetic beads, fingers, or harmless electrical impulses. The most common is method is inserting needles. For auricular acupuncture, there are different type of needles that can be used such as a regular half or whole inch needle, press needles, and interdermal needles. Press and interdermal needles are pressed into an acupuncture point and tape is used to come about them in place, as well as give constant stimulation. The ear is thought to contain an innumerable amount of important and potentially therapeutic acupuncture points. This is why it is believed that by using these types of stimulators on acupuncture points in the ear, problems and/or dysfunctions will be revealed throughout the body. (Suen 135)Why is Auricular Acupunctu... ...this alternative medicine in reinforcing the legitimacy of their work is that there are even discrepancies between them on exactly how to achieve the desired results. One of the many methodological problems with auricular acu puncture is that there are so many maps of the ear and little agreement exists regarding point location, lacking definite anatomic stud on the ear pare down and its somatotopic correspondences (Gori 16). In order for this alternative method of treatment to become more mainstream and accepted as legitimate, more conclusive evidence and more consistent results crossways multiple studies, and more consistent application of the acupuncture itself must be achieved. Until that point, auricular acupuncture will continue to help persons who have experienced its benefits, moreover it will not receive the attention that a more proven treatment would by the masses.

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Bilibgual education Essay -- essays papers

Bilibgual educationThe Detrimental Effect of an Education in a Foreign Language California passed a hint in 1997 that ended funding for instruction children solely in their native language. Instead of these programs, opulent citizens will provide funding for the English as a Second Language (ESL) program in Californias public schools. These ESL classes will have non-native speakers learn subjects in English and their native language simultaneously. Even though the proposition passed, the issue of which plan is more beneficial continues to spark debate. On the one hand, ethnic groups say the law is unjust because their children cannot understand English. They argue that their children need to be taught in their native tongue. approximately tax-paying residents of California endorse the new standard because their tax money is being used for their childs education, and not being used for teaching children in another language. Results are evident even though the ESL program has been used for only two years. The ESL method is more effective because of the removal of flaws such as unnecessary costs to the taxpayer, slower advancement in grade level, and the detrimental effect to education in California. The primary fault of the old remains was that California taxpayers were not receiving fair representation. In general, most taxpayers were English speaking, and Heda 2 consequently wanted English to be the language that was used in their schools. Most of the immigrant parents were in California legally but not paying taxes. Even though they were not paying for services such as a law of nature force or fire protection, they still felt entitled to send their children to public school. Since their children did not speak English, they want... ...e their educational goals. It will boost their performance, because standardized tests and college masking essays are in English. Attending a good college would now become possible for most students a result of a stro ng background in English. ESL will increaseperformance on standards that are used to evaluate an educational system. Heda 4 After only two years of being in effect in California, the ESL plan has shown dramatic corrections of the flaws of the old plan, which entailed educating non-native speakers in their native language. This old plan was deteriorating in entire scope of education in California. The ESL plan has eliminated a tax burden for the citizens, helped the development of the individual education, and has improved the California educational system. Over time this plan will enhance these do and possibly create other positive by-products.

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life :: essays research papers

I felt the warmth of my mothers hands on my soft skin while she held my face. Her soft congresswoman whispered in my ear good night. It was a cold winter night after Christmas as my mother tucked me in to bed, resembling she always had. After telling me good night her lips hit my cheek to give me the last kiss she forever would. As she walked out, I told her I be intimate you with all my heart and always will. In the, morning the warmth of the sun hit my face and woke me up like any other morning, but something was different, something proficient wasnt right. I lay in my warm bed, trying to ascertain why I wasnt feeling right. I jumped out of bed and woke my atomic brother up to go eat breakfast. As we walked down the hall, I heard my dad pouring a cup of hot coffee. Daddy is mammy still sleeping, I asked. Mom will be gone for a while but baby, dont worry he told my brother and me in a sad voice. We will be just fine. I didnt understand why my mom would be gone though. I asked myself will she ever come back? Seven years switch gone by and still my mom is gone, and my life has changed more than I thought it would. Jess, get draws clothes mobile for school tomorrow, my dad would admonish me every night before going to bed. Making sure my brother would be ready for school every morning, making sure he ate breakfast before he left for school, and making sure his homework was done fooling was what my mother used to do every morning and day but now she is gone. Now that she is gone I have to take that place. Now that I am the only lady in the house, I have to be the mother. No more going out on Friday nights with my friends, no more doing whatsoever I want. Every Friday, my friends would go out to the movies, and have fun without me. I had to stay home and make sure everything was right for my family. Now I have responsibilities like my brother who is now like my son. He thinks of me as not only a sister but a mother too. When you hear an octad year ol d boy call you mom and you are as young as me, its the scariest feeling you can have.

Philosophy of Education Essay -- Education Teaching Teachers Careers E

Philosophy of Education In this paper, I wish to discuss my beliefs for bringing up. These beliefs include my philosophy in a general manner, and the reasons why I want to draw an educator. In this paper I depart also describe what my furture classroom will look like, and how my classroom will be run. I also discuss my views on education restore in conclusion. I have found that my philosophy of education is a combination of two philosophies. They be Idealism and Realism. I also agree with two points in the Existentialism and pragmatism philosophies. L believe that a instructor should know their content very(prenominal) well. This is one of the most important things that I believe that I should do as a classroom teacher. I also believe that the classroom teacher is a model for the students. The students will watch them to see how they live their lives and how they react to situations that may arise in the classroom. I also believe that each squ irt in the world today is a valuable contribution to society. Each child can fulfill any dream they may have, but I also believe that your dreams study to be reasonable. Each child can contribute something to society because the world needs farmers just as much as they need politicians. Another important thing that I believe should be focused on is to encourage students to seek the truth. I feel that this statement substance that a student need to establish their own beliefs on issues, and they also need to be able to back up why they believe what they believe. These beliefs need to be personal. The teacher does not need to focus on their own personal beliefs, but also on beliefs that are opposite of theirs. A teacher needs to focus on the good and bad things on eac... ...ectly. When the results of the reform are used correctly, reform will be effective. As an educator during reform initiatives, I will support the things that will make the education of students more effe ctive. These are my beliefs for education. They include my general philosophy of education, and why I want to become an educator. Also I have described what my classroom will look like. This includes what my seating arrangement will be, and also what the bulletin boards in my classroom will contain. I have also discussed whether my classroom will be authoritarian or nonauthoritarian. I also discuss how I plan to manage the classroom, touch off the students, issue discipline, how I will teach, and how I will lead the students in my classroom. Lastly, I discuss my views on education reform, and whether it is effective or not to the education world.

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Learning Love and Respect in Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club :: Joy Luck Club Essays

Learning Love and Respect in The Joy Luck Club   In Amy Tans novel, The Joy Luck Club, the character of An-mei learns to love and respect her perplex. This essay will focus on the precise moment of the transformation of An-mei to a strong, self-confident woman.   Although An-meis begin was dying, An-meis baffle still believed in saving her by cooking magic in the ancient tradition so as to try to cure her mother this one last time. That was how An-mei came to love my mother, how I saw her in my own true nature and what was beneath my skin, inside my bones. An-meis mother pull up her sleeve and put this knife on the softest part of her arm and cut a piece of meat from her arm. An-mei tried to mingy my eyes, but could not. An-mei saw that tears poured from her (mothers) face and blood spilled to the floor. Even though Popos mouth was already too tight from trying to keep her face in, An-meis mother still fed her this soup. However, Popo passed away in the end.   An-m ei could see the pain of the flesh and the worth of the pain. She understands that this is the way a miss honours her mother, it is to shou so deep it is in your bones. She knows that the pain of the flesh is nothing, the pain you must forget.   When An-mei returned with her mother to Teintsin, she had an encounter with Second married woman who gave her a pearl necklace. Her mother scolded her for it. what you hear is not genuine. She(Second Wife)makes clouds with one hand, rain with the other. She is trying to trick you, so you will do anything for her, but An-mei tried not to listen to my mother. In the end, An-meis mother crushed the pearl necklace and it was only then that An-mei realized the necklace that had almost bought my heart and mind now had one cliff of crushed glass. Her mother did not want An-mei to let Second Wife buy you(her) for such a cheap price. After that, An-mei would eternally remember how easy it is to lose myself to something false. An-mei saw the truth beyond the surface with her mothers help.   After knowing what happened to her mother, An-mei saw how circumstantial her mother was.

Learning Love and Respect in Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club :: Joy Luck Club Essays

Learning Love and Respect in The Joy spate Club   In Amy Tans novel, The Joy Luck Club, the character of An-mei learns to love and respect her engender. This essay will focus on the precise moment of the transformation of An-mei to a strong, self-confident woman.   Although An-meis produce was dying, An-meis produce remedy believed in saving her by cooking magic in the ancient tradition so as to try to cure her mother this one at long last time. That was how An-mei came to love my mother, how I saw her in my own true nature and what was beneath my skin, inside my bones. An-meis mother pull up her sleeve and put this knife on the softest part of her arm and cut a piece of meat from her arm. An-mei tried to close my eyes, but could non. An-mei saw that tears poured from her (mothers) face and blood spilled to the floor. Even though Popos mouth was already too tight from trying to keep her spirit in, An-meis mother still fed her this soup. However, Popo passed away in t he end.   An-mei could see the pain of the flesh and the worth of the pain. She understands that this is the way a daughter honours her mother, it is to shou so deep it is in your bones. She knows that the pain of the flesh is nothing, the pain you must forget.   When An-mei returned with her mother to Teintsin, she had an encounter with Second Wife who gave her a bone necklace. Her mother scolded her for it. what you hear is not genuine. She(Second Wife)makes clouds with one hand, rain with the other. She is trying to trick you, so you will do anything for her, but An-mei tried not to listen to my mother. In the end, An-meis mother crushed the pearl necklace and it was only then that An-mei realized the necklace that had almost bought my heart and mind now had one bead of crushed trumpery. Her mother did not want An-mei to let Second Wife buy you(her) for such a cheap price. After that, An-mei would always remember how loose it is to lose myself to something false. An-m ei saw the truth beyond the surface with her mothers help.   After knowing what happened to her mother, An-mei saw how circumstantial her mother was.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” and Brett Easton Ellis’ “Less Than Zero” Essay

Explore the function of the narrator in F. Scott Fitzgeralds The striking Gatsby and Brett Easton Ellis less(prenominal) Than ZeroPublished in 1925 by author F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, is considered a literary classic by many critics. The eponymous new is set in the Roaring 1920s post mankind War 1 and tells the tale of Jay Gatsby through the novels narrator, Nick Carra bureau. The exposition begins when we are told of the socio-cultural divide amid the upper class of America, by a computer address who has plainly moved to Long Island from Minnesota. The clear separation between West Egg and East Egg is an idea explored by Nick, who is a resident physician of the lower-upper class West Egg.Throughout the novel, it can be observed that events that occur are a direct parallel to the life of Scott Fitzgerald, as he projects char numbereristics of some(prenominal) Gatsby and Nick that were similar to his own. It is widely believed that the book is written in a manner that is cynical of the American Dream and of the elitist ball club, in a biased spirt that favours Gatsby. Conversely, Less Than Zero is a novel set in the 1980s and tells the story of affluent college students, who lead hedonistic lifestyles with the security of their parents wealth.Brett Easton Ellis first novel in his oeuvre is written during the years interest the Vietnam War of economic prosperity in Reagans America and highlights the fragmented society caused by passionless relationships between friends and family and the lack of morality present in upper class America. The two novels contrast in the cities that they are set in The Great Gatsby is set in New Yorks Long Island, whilst Less Than Zero is set in California on the opposite coast of America. However the behaviour of the two generations is sort of similar, and is reflective of the influence of money on higher-class society during the respective periods.In The Great Gatsby, Nick Carra focusing is non only the nar rator, but also a character that actively developicipates in the novel and it his persuasion that dictates how the proofreader perceives other characters. One obvious example of this is in the novels title, as the epithet Great is used to describe a character that the reader has not til now met. This suggests that Nick Carraway idolizes Gatsby in some aspects and to some degree, aspires to what Gatsby represents. Produced like the supper, no doubt, out of a caterers basket. This short extract is taken from a section where Nick is describing a lavish party that is frequently held by Gatsby.The metaphor implies that Gatsby is almost God-like in the way he is able to throw extravagant parties yet remains anonymous to those that attend. During the 1920s, there was a period of what was known as prohibition, where all alcohol was banned, and yet people are often described drinking throughout The Great Gatsby.This could be a condemnation of upper class society, as it suggests they are just as immoral, if not much so, than the lower classes. Fitzgerald himself went from a family of mediocrity to a sudden rise in splendor through his writings, and can therefore bear upon to the awe that one might feel when acclimatizing to such a society. Less Than Zeros narrator, trunk, does not represent its author in the same way as Nick does, however Easton-Ellis uses Clay to magnify the issues that surrounded affluent college students during the 80s. Clay often negatively portrays the actions of other characters, which can be seen as an act of hypocrisy. For example,Because you both stole a quarter gram of cocaine from me the last time I left my door open. Thats why.At this point, Clay accuses his sisters of thieving his cocaine, which they put down to him leaving his door unlocked. This may be a reference to the lack of privacy or a lack of confidence within society to such a degree that one cannot trust even their closest family.Nick Carraway is arguably a biased narr ator, through his romanticized and reckon description of the novels protagonist and adversely, his foil, Tom Buchanan. On their first encounter Nick describes Gatsbys gestures with authority for example,He had one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced, or seemed to face, the whole external institution for an instant and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself This quotation epitomizes Nicks admiration for Gatsby before he has properly met him and implies that he has already formulated an opinion based upon rumours he has heard but also based on the party Gatsby invited him to. Once again, this is may be seen as a condemnation of American society by Fitzgerald who shows that capitalist and superficiality was a major factor in defining an individu al.Gatsbys flawless persona does deteriorate as the novel progresses and as Gatsby comes close to achieving his stargaze, however Nick appears to glaze over this and as a result, preserves Gatsbys greatness to the reader. The use of the idiosyncrasy old dramatic play throughout Gatsbys communication with Nick highlights a friendship that is neither formal nor informal but sooner one of an illusionary nature. This is to say that Gatsby uses the affectation in order to evoke a more appealing, intellectual persona. Despite Nick seeing through his faade, he chooses to ignore the matter, instead only becomes more infatuated with what Gatsby represents.What part of the Middle West? I inquired casually.San FranciscoI seeIt is apparent that Nick knows San Francisco is not in the Middle West but rather on the west coast yet he chooses not to argue as if Gatsbys word is unequivocally truth. Claire Stocks puts this infatuation down to a color that both men share which is that both men seem to be the victims of insufficient or thwarted inheritances They are both forced to work for their living. It can be suggested that towards the end of Less Than Zero, Clay wants to give this society as he narrates, My eyes keep wandering off the screen and to the two green turn over signs that hang over the two doors in the back of the theater This occurs whilst Clay, Blair and Kim are in the cinema watching a gory film and highlights that Clay does in fact have some form of morality despite the actions that he part-takes in. Easton-Ellis reveals a character that is torn between being moral or following the hedonistic life he is so easily acclimatized to.Fitzgerald also uses Nick Carraway as a way of criticizing the society that he strives to be a part of. This is evident in Chapter 2, where Nick spends time with Tom, Myrtle and Mr. Wilson, I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life. At this point, Nick may be referring to t he variety of classes that are present, as Myrtle and Mr. Wilson are of a lower class, himself of middle class and Tom from the upper echelons of society. It may be seen that Fitzgerald could not stand the behavior of the people he became associated with, however realized that their behavior was a result of what he sought after, in terms of the American dream and therefore feels enchanted by the hedonistic nature of the upper class. Nevertheless, Fitzgerald also highlights the vast socio-cultural divide between classes and as such presents the reader with an ambiguous gather in of fractured relationships.Clay also presents his own society with undertones of disdain, being cynical of the netherworld through his direct and succinct account of various events that take place. He seldom places emotion or opinion in his description of events and as a result, it seems that he is more of a trustworthy narrator. This is most evident when he recounts the viewing of a snuff movie, It looks l ike a toolbox and Im confused for a minute and Blair walks out of the room. And he takes out an ice take and what looks like a wire hanger and a package of nails and then a thin, large knife and he comes toward the girl and Daniel smiles and nudges me in the ribs. The repeated use of polysyndeton gives the reader the impression that Clay is not properly viewing the movie instead, he is almost analyzing it as if it were a novel.The lack of sensory description also implies that Clay is trying to distance himself from this and that he sees the crude and disgusting nature of what he is being shown. At this time, snuff films had just been exposed and were not an unknown phenomenon. Therefore, Easton-Ellis may be suggesting that society has lost its moral compass/guidance, being reduced to ignoring such shocking acts. However, in spite of this, Clay does offer himself as a more intellectual individual compared to other characters, by the way he looks at the billboard that is titled Disap pear Here. Evidently he does not choose to disappear and instead stays amongst the morally obsolete society that he is attached to and this ultimately leads to the dnouement in which he is forced to leave his society.Both novels differ in the tone in which they are written though the contexts are very similar despite being in various(a) decades. On the one hand, there is Nick who is biased towards one specific character and seems to show disdain for the society that he once strived for, and on the other, Clay, who has a more direct approach to narration and more expressively communicates the plot to the reader. Overall, the two narrators are used to convey to very different ideas that are relevant to their contexts.The Great Gatsby is narrated such that the reader is almost forced into liking Gatsby despite his clear superficiality, which is upheld by trivial objects such as real books and medals with authentic looks. Less Than Zero poses are more critical view of society, with the narrator becoming confused by the moral ambiguity and generally growing to hate the society that he belongs to as it has been reduced to individualism and by an large a fractured society whereby people are afraid to merge.

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The Possible Outcomes of Globalization

Human beings rescue always been dirty, corrupt, deceitful and horrible. But humans as well as lose some redeeming factors that account for our original state of relative peace, our ability to innovate, the ability for great kindness and to c ar for other living things. All because each individual person is as various as the last with their own unique experiences and morals and standards that accumulate to our own incredibly different personalities and attitudes. Yet there are those who believe that striping us of the things that makes us s tender be a great improvement on society even when the evidence elevations elsewhere. There is a very induce disagreement in our society about what we should do and what the benefits of globalization are. Black and White sides to a very grey issue. Usually plenty on the mighty imparting say that globalization is a good thing, giving you this Claims increase in diversity and creativity, trade becomes easier and cheaper, goods become to a greater extent accessible and cheaper, and that everyone will be materially richer. Countries are becoming more a equal in the sense of offering some more commonly diverse choices. -Tyler Cowen(supporter of Globalization) The other side to this are heap that are decidedly on the left and they will say things like Homogenization of culture, loss of creativity, total loss of some cultures, people will become easier to control through advertisements, society becomes about working and keeping afloat and not living an actual life, creates violence within people hand over to protect their culture. Fast food ecomes a fueling up ritual but if it social or family values is what you about then its a disaster. -Benjamin barber (advocate against globalization). Although I say most conservatives and most liberals is because some conservatives dont see it for what is and taint into what the businessman would say and that all cultures would get a office of every other culture and are fearfu l of the blending of culture and are against it. Some liberals think that bringing money to the third world countries, and m any an(prenominal) more reasons.This is not to say that the political spectrum doesnt play a role but rather a major one, as most people on the right see it for what it is and support it because globalization creates wealth for the multinational corporations and pulverizes the native peoples culture and making them more focused on work and it becomes a win-win situation. Liberals are fearful of the corporation as once the people are on the bandwagon its very easy to keep them on it and the power of the people of those nations falls to the businesses.Another reason for concern on the part of all citizens regardless of political ideologies is the outsourcing of jobs, which we are already seeing the effects of as unemployment unemployment rate contemptible to 9. 5% in the U. S. , the highest level since 1983. The same thing happened around the globe the unempl oyment rate surged to record high values. -London Forex Broadsheet. My opinion is that there are large lucre and some very hard losses to be had.On one side it boosts the local economy and overall wealth of the certain poorer country, and poverty by any measure is a horrible thing to live in. Unfortunately it destroys the culture that has survived for possibly thousands of years Just over 38% of global cultures are in danger of extinction or are already extinct-UNESCO and we lose some of the history that makes the world the way it is, also globalization sight destroy the local environment and cause serious physical injury and sickness. About one half of the forests that covered the Earth are gone.Each year, another 16 meg hectares disappear. -globalchange. umich. edu And the only reason they live in poverty is not because theyre useless and lazy but because of the current global economic system we use. So overall I believe that the losses outweigh the possible gains. The driving forces behind globalization is the corporations they first lobby the government to build an airport saying it will bring more tourists and money. afterwards they move in and set up factories (depending on the ethics or pressure put on them by the public) or sweatshops.So the increased touristry brings foreign ideas and technology like democracy, freedom, wealth, internet, computers, TVs, etc. After they make some money in a dangerous exploit or a low paying factory they buy a TV/Computer and they see what we have and they want it, they see our monolithic houses and big cars and they will save up and buy one. when they do that they adopt our north ameri mess culture and they stop going to church because they can get more money working weekends, they dress like we do and act like we do.They want to be like us so they tell their parents that their culture is leaden and look how this new culture brought us out of poverty, and how we dont have to pick through garbage anymore. Once p eople think like this and act like this it causes other people to join them, thinking Well he has a car a house and nice clothes, why cant I have that? So as more people drop their culture and uniqueness the faster it speeds up. The possibilities of an outcome of this en masse channel towards a North American lifestyle are endless, but what is almost certain is the fact that 99. % of the time this will end badly and not on the nose for the humans that live here but the entire planet. So I will propose 3 scenarios that generally cover the possible outcomes at this spirit level in time. Scenario 1) As more and more people get cars, computers, and use more electricity the CO2 emissions increase exponentially and we get to a tipping point in the atmosphere and a cascade/domino effect happens. Methane from the bottom of the ocean is released into the atmosphere and the Earth heats up even more.Then the Amazon burns heating plant it even more, etc. etc. and the world fries and after 100000 years the Earth is plunged into an ice age. By the way almost everyone died. Scenario 2) As more and more jobs are outsourced to cheaper labour the North American way of life collapses because theres no jobs and with no money you cant buy anything. Then the whole global economic market crashes and burns. World is plunged into WWIII for the remaining resources, nuclear bombs are launched, whole countries become uninhabitable.Billions die. Scenario 3) In a global driving we switch over to renewable resources and solve the global energy crisis and with that we are able to stabilize the economy and regain peace. It is then possible to help and provide electricity to developing countries. There are many proposed solutions to the crisis we are dealing with but just as with many other problems many of the solutions prove to be ineffective or even more harmful. So what will it take to have a solution that will save us?Unfortunately its as well late to have a gradual change that woul d allow for people to adapt comfortably to the new lifestyle that i am about to propose. We will have to do this quickly and without hesitation because the longer we wait the more painful this will be. In scenario 3 of the last paragraph is what we will have to do as currently many of the wars being fought around the world are about or were started by the need of the black gold, oil, and n coif to restore peace we need to switch over to a more renewable way of life especially here in North America. non only will this reduce the incentive to kill each other over something that will become increasingly obsolete but it will also help calm the people who are angry at the way we live here because of our wastefulness. Also legislation by the government will have to be passed in order to make it harder for corporations to treat people poorly and pay them less, also make them create jobs in their home (eg US, Canada, UK, etc. ) countries.Increased tourism from more money and cheaper bills will help reinforce the local cultures as people usually travel to see the culture. Advertisements will have to be localized and not forcing the American way of life down peoples throats. I believe that this will, if not completely solve this issue, help out greatly. Unfortunately people cant see what is happening around them and then when they finally realize what has happened its too late, and that is the problem, why we cant solve this crisis and why we cant solve many other difficult issues that exist.The fact is that until something catastrophic happens no one will do anything about it, history shows this and as the saying goes tarradiddle always repeats itself. Globalization will continue to be a problem for a very long time and when the mass population sees what has happened it will be too late. all we can do is support groups in foreign countries that try to sustain the culture and language of their ancestors.

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Snake Dance

* Do you respect Jerry for lying to his p atomic number 18nts? Why or why not? Would you do the same in his position? Explain **There are situations for people where it is necessary to lie. These lies are called discolour lies and usually they are told for good purposes. Therefore often people dont get upset roughly these lies. Sometimes,people are in situations where they have to lie. However to a degree the lies a not hurtfull for people. They are told to avoid hurting other people feelings. For instance in the story Snake Dance Jerry lies to his fetch about his life.He tells her mother that he has a scholarship for his football and he doesnt need currency. Nonetheless he works in a milkshake store and sells milkshakes. He lies to his mother because he knows that his mother wouldnt let him send silver to her if she knew that Jerry needed the money himself. As a result Jerry lies to her mother so that his mother can afford hospital charges without worrying about his son. This m eans that by lying Jerry aims to feature things easier for his mother. Futhermore Jerry also tries to make her mother happy about Jerrys life. An poser of this is when Jerry told her mother that his team won the match because of him.This shows that Jerry is trying to make his mother high-flown and cheerfull. This way she would be joyfull herself and she would make Pop joyfull too. Secondly,in situations like Jerrys telling the truth may be more painfull. For example if Jerry told the truth his mother likely would be depressed. Since Pop is sick and Jerry has financial problems life would be twice as hard for her. She would have to think for both Pop and Jerry. As an example she would try to work too and she would be exhausted consequently she wouldnt be able to take care of Pop.Besides she wouldnt except money from Jerry if she knew he needed it. Thus Pops health could have gone worse. Moreover with Jerrys mom knowing the truth Jerrys families life would be more misarable,more d ifficult and more complicated. Consequently,If I was in Jerrys situation I would have done the same since it means making my mothers life easier. imputable to my mothers life I would have lied to because it is more exhausting for a mother to look after two people than a young homophile to work and send money to his family. Additionally Jerry had o help to his family for Pops health and the only way he could keep sending money was lying. Thus if I was Jerry I would have done the same because telling the truth can only make life harder for my family. In conclusion,I support that Jerry did the skillful thing by lying to his mother. I strongly believe that the truth would have cause difficulties in Jerrys mothers life. Therefore what Jerry did was thinking about his mother more than himself. As a result I think he did the right thing and I respect Jerry for telling this kind of a white lie to his parents.

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V for Vendetta(Graphic Novels)

Graphic Novel V for Vendetta Close to the novel 1984 Which colors are associated to the 3 main characters? V red white black Evey Orange Finch grey Themes vendetta freedom the man behind the mask. Is V commodity? There is no good and self-aggrandizing in this story, it just right and wrong. How is terrorism justified? How is tourism justified? What are the danger of democracy and dictatorship? V, meaningful All the chapters titles are number one Being free or nothing Chasing freedom is humans nature. But it is alike very selfish Key Terms Norsefire the government. The Nose olfaction the criminalsThe Ear Listen to what people are talking secretly The Eyes Spy The Mouth the voice from the government. The fingers secret polices The fate computer The god, Susan is in love with it The voice of fate the voice from god. Larkhill the prison where change V Batch 5 the experiment on V The Shadow Gallery Vs lair Anarchy no government, the main idea of the book. Fascism V enigmatic terroris t Personal Accountability Moral ambiguity Surveillance V is not a person but a symbol, an idea Identity, case-by-caseity, idea Freedom Eveys personal growth through the story At first, initially and fearfulWhen V tortures her, he takes everything away from her except her ideals. He forces her to defend her ideals, against pain of death, he free her from her fear, and gives her the tools necessary to defend that culture inch of her Totally Free In the story, everyone breed behind a mask Essence vs. Existence To be outside the person that you are usher out be seems by others What I do narrow down who I amExistence What I am define what I doEssence What makes you unique? My surface and the personality. What is your weakness as individual? purposeless and lukewarm What is your strength as an individual? Not easily frustrated.Optimistic Everyone can work and communicate. A few people will control other people. Valerie and condolence Its small and its fragile and its the only thing in the world thats worth having. Last Inch It is what remains aft(prenominal) everything has been au naturel(p) away. Its what we devote on to the most. Its what we cherish the most. Its the core of who we are. Believe, love, everyone is different. Become transfixed, impossible to move. Become Transfigured Remain what you feel right now. Dont change whatsoevermore, show the last inch of you to everyone. Gustave Le Bon Group Psychology * Group breed conformity You become your job(Zimbardo 1972) * Leaders gain trust by conforming * Groups can rectify performance * wad will loaf Zimbardo Experiment Change the rules Some people want to become leaders Groups breed conformity Asch 1951 People adjoin peoples idea Leaders gain trust by conforming Initially fitted with the group and slowly suggested the new idea Performance-Trip allowt 1898 noticed that go cyclist with a pacemaker covered each mile nigh 5 seconds quicker than those without People will loaf-Ringlemann 1890s found par ticipants in a tug o war would put 50% less effort when they were team on 8 then when they are alone Why? People can be compare. March 14th Talk about individuality vs. behavior Think Talk What is V as a symbol? The mask, letter V, What does V embody Hide your identity. He is who he chooses to be. Inspire Fear/Someones face V-victory room number versus/conflict peace VERITAS-truth over-embellished Carson, Valerie Vs mask represents a few things. On one level, it represents the concept of identity vs. the ideal Vs true identity is neer revealed because it doesnt matter who he turned out to be- he represents a great ideal, and abandoning his individual identity underneath the mask is the embodiment of that.The mask also represents opposition and revolt, due to the origins of its design. The mask is modeled after Guy Fawkes, who is known for attempting to blow up the British Parliament on November 5th, 1606 This also ties back to abandoning the individual behind a greater ideal-Guy Fawkes come to represent revolt in a larger sense, and the mask comes to represent Guy Fawkes. Remember remember the one-fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot, I capture no reason that the day should ever be forgot. Finally, it represents becoming accountable for oneself and personal growth.Eveys transformation culminates when she dons the mask, transforming into the embodiment of something greater than herself.? Choose your mask, mask define differently Vox POPULI-Voice of People-bullocks The letter V appears extensively throughout the narrative.. Vs distinctive symbol, a V within a circle, often appears defacing party property, and accompanies a deliberate act of defiance by V. Anarchy means no leader. Later in the novel, after V compromises Norsefires ability to monitor their constituents.. a girl. anarchy V also represents epiphany transformation and self-actualization.Several characters, when they reach a new understanding about themselves or the world around them, r aise their arms to the sky, forming a V shape. This occurs when Finch comes to understand the power he had over his own life, and as Evey takes the mask of V. If you let someone decide for you, dont complain What is good is the enemy of right. March 15, 2013 symbolism and V Find one piece of art which can represent analyze you. Why does V wear a mask? Do we see Vs real face? What would be the aftermath of revealing his face? To the characters within the story? To the reader?Salute to Guy Fawkes Reflection In wearing a mask, V becomes something bigger than himself. He becomes the brio embodiment of an ideal. The idea is stronger than the individual, and while the individual is meek and scared and has no real power over itself or others, the idea can be unbeatable in the face of even the harshest opposition. Bring thesis questions that you will answer yourself about HUGO 1, what are the notions of identity individuality? How can we define our freedom? Is it imperative right and wron g? Is it pursuit happiness of break to reaching freedom?Must think about the visual. Susan gets murdered we felt sorry. When Vs dead there is something wrong. V fights for freedom with fascism. May as well say good vs. Evil But upon closer inspection, things become more strayed. V kills guilty and innocent alike, and even kills the guilty regardless of their remorse. Likewise, to achieve his ends, he captured tortured and emotionally broke down Evey, brain fresh her. In any other story, they would be the acts of the villain. The members of Norsefire are depicted as having varying degrees of redeeming ng qualities.Finch immediately comes to mind he is a high ranking prescribed in the government and does hunt down and eventually kill V, but he done so because its what he thinks is right. Even Susan, the leader of the fascist regime, genuinely believes hes doing whats best for everyone, even if they thinks pleasant. Chaos Abnegation Susan loves the country, but not his power. V and S usan are actually quite similar. They are the cardinal sides of the same coin. Alan Moore intentionally crafted this moral gray area between the characters. Life is not black and white, and very rarely are there clear-cut good and evil people out there.Everyone has varying degrees of both within them its the human condition. We are all ruled by our drives and our values, and they are constantly at war with one another. The shadow Gallery pursuit of happiness and content. The gallery represent happiness both its positive and negative qualities. On one hand, t is filled with cultures treasures the best things human hands have crafted. V is shown to enjoy things like musicart. represents to the reader that the pleasures of life have their time and place and can be positive influence on our lives. However, Evey is shown to become dependant on the Gallery.She feels safe there, she is happy there. Because she is content not repugn the greater evils that lurk outside the Gallerys wall. S he makes no attempt to affect greater change. A visual metaphor is used which depicts V performing a magic trick for Evey where he makes a caged rabbit disappear, and then reappear, only to make the cage disappear. Happiness and complacency will stand in the way of greater, underlying problems getting solved. In short, the shadow Gallery represents how happiness is confused with content and can be fulfilling but can also hold back greater change. .

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Geggus, David Patrick. Haitian revolutionary studies. Essay

After the 1695 Ryswick Treaty between France and Spain, France took control of St. Domingue (Willie 2001, p 36). The legal rights bestowed upon the French gave them the jurisdictional expertness to endure over the western region of Hispaniola. Government officials from France took care of the administrative and governing bodies of St. Domingue. The Ryswick Treaty paved way for the French to colonize St. Domingue and take preeminence in virtually every fundamental aspect of the region. The companionable, frugal and political realms of the people of St. Domingue were largely defined by the French colonial systems in buns (Willie 2001, p 36). The weighty colonial systems of the French in St. Domingue led to a stratified friendly system, dividing the people into mixer classes.The Les Grand Blancs were the superior whites who consisted of the planters and imperial officials of the settlement. The Les Petit Blanc, considered as the terminal group of whites consisted of the artisa ns, shopkeepers and bookkeepers in St. Domingue. By 1789, the total umber of whites in St. Domingue was 30, 000. The Mulattoes or free coloreds, numbering 28,000 by 1789, consisted of children fathered by white French men with morose women (Willie, 2012, p 38). Emancipation of the free coloreds gave them an opportunity to own slaves as their white counterparts. They possessed one third of the real estate in St. Domingue. The slaves, who numbered 450, 000 by 1789 were the to the lowest degree in the social ladder (Ghachem 2003, p 4 Willie 2001, p 38). They literally owned nothing and were devoid of any degree of liberty compared to the other social classes.The social stratification structure in St. Domingue resulted into social, economical and political disparities that constantly caused friction among the social classes in the social ladder. Every social class sought-after(a)-after(a) to defend its rights and immunitys the quest for justice and liberty was deeply engraved in eac h of the social classes (Geggus 2002, p 14). A critical analysis of the perceived economic and social injustices experienced by the groups is ultimately significant in understanding the causes and aims of the St. Domingue Revolution. Indeed, a critical evaluation of the social ladder in the French dependence is imperative in comprehending the causes and aims of the St. Domingue Revolution from 1791-1804.The economic demography of St. Domingue in the late 18th century One cannot talk about the St. Domingue Revolution (1791-1804) without expounding on the economic demography of the then, largest French small town. Dominated by agriculture and trading relations, the French colony was indeed export motivated. The colonial economy maximized on sugar, coffee, cotton plant and indigo plantations. The colony had 3000 coffee plantations, 800 sugar plantations, 800 cotton plantations and 2950 indigo plantations (Willie 2001, p 36). The expansive plantations placed St. Domingue strategic ally among the French colonies in fact, it was the richest plantation colony of the French. The back up half of the 18th century saw St. Domingue expand to become the largest exporter of coffee and sugar in the world this placed France at a strategic place in the world economy (Willie 2001, p 36).The increased growth and demand in the colonial economy in St. Domingue triggered the colonialists to continually restructure the plantation systems. A constant increase in the number of slaves in the colony by the colonialists fueled the destabilization of the social balance in St. Domingue. In a agitate to maintain a robust and thriving colonial agricultural economy, the colonialists subjected the slaves into hard labor, which consequently eroded their state of freedom and liberties. The lowest social class in the French colony experienced social and economic deficiencies that exacerbated their pitiable living standards. The poor living standards meant that the mortality rate of the sl aves, sky- rocketed and necessitated the capture of much slaves for the further involution of the colonial economy. The complicated economy in late century St. Domingue saw an increase in the number of slaves, which led to slave insurrections prior to 1791(Marsh and Nicola 2011, p 21). The go for of the slaves to attain freedom and liberty precipitated the St. Domingue revolution that historians claim changed the landscape of world affairs, and contributed to the demise of slaveholding. Hence, the social imbalance created by the economic demography of St. Domingue led to the ancestry of the revolution.The economic and social disparities of the social groups Economic and social disparities were at the height of the causes and aims of the St. Domingue revolution (Geggus 2002 p 14). The social classes often clashed with one another in a bid to secure their social, economic and political justices. However, this was not an easy endeavor hence, precipitating repeated crises that br ought social and economic imbalances in the colony. The colonial masters sought to maintain the colonys economic valor, and for this to happen, the relentless friction among the social clashes continued inevitably. Certainly, the social ladder triggered disparities that heightened the imbalances in the colony.The Les kick in Blancs who were born in the colony expressed feelings of discontent against the whites born from France, their motherland. The whites from France took charge of the most important government offices in the colony. The whites born in the colony (creoles) expressed dissatisfaction because they cherished to participate efficaciously in the government (Geggus 2002, p 6). The inability of the Les Grant Blancs to thrust a greater autonomy in the running of the colonial administration affected their social status in the colony. The group perceived that being on top of the social ladder deemed it right to have autonomy over the affairs of the colony. The planters an d pissed members of the group perceived that the ceremonial positions they were given in the assembly was not tantamount to their social status. The reduction of their status to minor aristocrats precipitated their desire to command more grounding against the European-born colonialists. As a result, there was a social struggle and imbalance as the group sought to gain the legal rights of controlling the colony.The Les Grant Blancs also wanted to have the freedom of trade. As the plantation owners, they wanted to have more economic autonomy from the proceeds of their produce. Apparently, the colonialists controlled the produce from the island, which was its major summation because of the strategic economic benefits associated with it. The French government introduced the Exclusive trade system, which ensured that the control of goods had to come exclusively from France. Moreover, the high taxation levied on the colony did not auger well with the group. The white plantation owners continually sought to have economic independence from the French government and the colonial administrators. The economic struggles between the Les Grant Blancs and the royal French colonial administrators brought economic imbalances that often threatened the integration of the groups. The white planters saw that the economic advances were creating injustices that motivationed to be addressed. According to Willie (2001, p 39), the Les Grant Blancs believed that the colony officials wasted St. Domingues resources. Therefore, the plantation owners and members of the assembly constantly attacked the executive officials from France. It was widely acknowledged that the wealth of the French colonies was primarily meant to benefit France, but not the colonies. This brought miscellaneous reactions in the colony, with the superior whites advocating for the abolishment of heavy taxes and a greater control of the colonys trade relations.The Les Petit Blanc consisting of poor white men did no t have good relations with their rich counterparts. The social disparities between the two groups caused sharp conflicts that often resulted into physical violence. The Les Petit Blanc did not like the fact that their rich counterparts had immense wealth, which they could except imagine. The privileges that the Les Grant Blancs enjoyed created a stratified social structure that made the Les Petit Blanc inferior. The Mulattoes or free coloreds were also inferior to the wealthy planters and civil officers. The interaction between the poor whites and the Mulattoes as well as the slaves made the rich whites to perceive them as less important in the economic status of the colony. The economic and social transcendency of the rich whites resulted into strained relationships between them and the Les Petit Blancs. Undoubtedly, the strained relationships stemmed from the economic and social disparities of the colonys structure.Of importance still, is the relationship between the whites and the Mulattoes/ free coloureds. The disparities between the social classes came because of the economic and social characteristics of the Mulattoes. The free coloureds were seen as extremely ambitious and a threat to the social and economic dominance of the whites. They were strong and showed great prospects of social mobility and capacity to compete with the whites. Additionally, most of the Mulattoes were highly educated hence, posing challenges to the dominant whites. The whites did not like the fast-rising nature of the free coloureds they wanted them to remain inferior to them and settle at the bottom of the social class ladder. The social and economic disparities between the groups caused numerous conflicts that destabilized the power of the colonial administration. Due to the massive influence of the Mulattoes/free coloureds, the colonial legislative assembly introduced strict laws to limit their influence (James 1963, p 97). The enacted laws forbade them from holding public o ffice, joining the colonial army, wearing European clothes, organizing social functions, marrying whites and residing in France. They were also forced to die hard for free for a certain number of days per year, according to the French law. The free coloureds were economically and socially deprived of their rights because of their race and their prospects of social mobility. The Mulattoes did not concur with the social and economic injustices committed against them hence, they sought to find for their rights (Ott 1987, p 67). These factors caused tensions between the whites and the Mulattoes and consequently led to the intense pressing between the groups in 1791.The slaves, majorly from African blood line were subjected to hard labor and deprivation of their rights as humans. They were the lowest in the social ladder, and yielded nothing in respect to their social and economic statuses. They experienced harsh conditions subjected to them by the superiors. The economic and social disparities between them and the other groups denied them the opportunity to enjoy their rights and dignity. In 1791, as the Les Blancs, Les Petit Blanc and free coloureds were fighting one another because of the prevalent social and economic disparities, the slaves maximized on the opportunity to start revolts in St. Domingue (James 1963, p 110). The slaves, favored by their numbers, fought against the whites and free coloureds because of the torments they faced as inferiors in St. Domingue. Undeniably, the social and economic disparities among the social classes in the colony contributed greatly in the St. Domingue Revolution.The Declaration of Rights of Men The Declaration of Rights of Men of 1789 was an instrumental text file of the French Revolution in the expression of human rights. The document compete a vital role in the establishment of the fundamental human rights that have continued to influence the modern world. In the wake of the French Revolution, there was need for setting up of laws that recognized the basic human rights and the equality of all people before the law. The declaration came at a cartridge holder when rights and liberties were highly violated at the merit of a few. The French Revolution sought to fight for liberty, equality and fraternity rights (Manigat 1977, p 420).Certainly, the Declaration of the Rights of Men played a dominant role in the start of St. Domingue Revolution. After the document brought the realization of human rights and universal laws in France, the social classes in St. Domingue sought to fight for their rights and privileges in a highly stratified colony. The Les Blancs wanted the right to makes laws, the abolishment of trading restrictions from France and wanted to have social equality with the French whites. They also wanted the scrubbing off, of royal bureaucracies in St. Domingue. The Declaration of the Rights of Men inspired the free coloureds to fight for social and political rights and the abolish ment of discrimi state of matter. On the other hand, the slaves fought for their personal freedom from the oppression by the other social classes. Based on the discussion above, it is worth noting that the Declaration of the Rights of Men inspired the St. Domingue Revolution.Conclusion In conclusion, it is notable to plead that the St. Domingue Revolution (1791-1804) was because of various factors. Social and economic disparities in the colony were a major factor in the start of the revolt that certainly ended slavery in the island. The social classes that lived in St. Domingue often clashed in respect to the economic and social factors defining them. The deprivation of rights and liberties among the social groups led to conflicts that often turned physical. The need for economic and social rights and the quest for justice in the late 18th century St. Domingue led to a successful slave revolt that resulted into the birth of the nation of Haiti. As historians put it, the St. Domi ngue Revolution was significant in defining the history of European colonialism. Indeed, the upheaval is significant in understanding the history of French imperialism.ReferencesGeggus, David Patrick. Haitian revolutionary studies. Bloomington, IN Indiana University Press, 2002.Ghachem, Malick W. Slavery and citizenship in the age of the Atlantic revolutions. Alfred, N.Y. Alfred University, 2003. Print. Ghachem, Malick W. The Old Regime and the Haitian Revolution. Cambridge Cambridge University Press, 2012. Print.James, C. L. R. Parliament and Property. In The Black Jacobins Toussaint LOuverture and the San Domingo Revolution. blink of an eye Ed. New York Vintage Books, 1963Willie, Doris. Renaissance and Revolt. In Lest you forget a study and revision guide for CXC Caribbean History. Kingston, Jamaica Jamaica Pub. House, 2001. 38-65Manigat, Leslie F. The Relationship between Marronage and Slave Revolts and Revolution In St. Domingue-Haiti. record of the New York Academy of Science s 292, no. 1 Comparative P (1977) 420-438.Marsh, Kate, and Nicola Frith. Frances lost empires fragmentation, nostalgia, and la fracture coloniale. Lanham, Md. Lexington Books, 2011.Ott, Thomas O. The Haitian revolution, 1789-1804. 1st ed. Knoxville University of Tennessee Press, 1987.Source document

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How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Lets get started. Getting a miss of your dreamings is much like getting the car of your dream. just now unlike a car which you can always bargain for, there is nothing like a 20 percent discount in courtship the girl of your dreams, shes so sweet a thing to be discounted, you dearly are in love with her and your feelings for her can only be communicated not by the words of the m divulgeh, but by the words of the heart. Getting the girl actu onlyy depends on how big your heart is faint heart, never won fair lady. The starting time go out idea for any man is to move over a adept impression.In your doing so, you dont have to talk, dress or do the common things that in all the Toms do to get a decent girls attention. Be unique, thats all you need. Be a man of his own style. Dress decently indecency can make one be mistaken for arrogance watch your language obscene language gives the impression of immaturity, being uncultured and cheap be a man of not bad(predicate) habits dont drink or smoke like any other loser. How to make her gloam in love with you? Take your time. Add some romance to your dating style.When in College I had a crush on the most beautiful lady in our first year lot. Though all senior guys were out to get that girl, I managed to divert her attention from the other guys. I wrote her three letters without disclosing my identity and slid into her room secretly all I said was Yours mystery Admirer. The first letter contained the meaning of her name, this I got by playing around with the initials of her name to make meaning. The second was a funny message that could only be read backwards and it was all close her physique and her smartness.In the third letter I told the girl to be ready to receive a travel flower from her admirer, but only if she could be kind enough to mobilize him using a number that I had included in the letter. The girl did phone me that very night, and her first words to me were, Hallo Secret Admirer. So, the s tory of our love affair came to be. Later she told me that was so creative of me, no one had approached her in that manner. I do her fall in love with me and made a date in the romantic manner.Befriending and understanding the girl you are out to get is the next eventful thing. This is what I also did. You have to understand that as a lady, she loves to be love, adores to be adored and needs to be needed. This testament move you closer to the girl and youll get to know what shes into, what she likes and dislikes, and what her style is. Love is built upon friendship and it always leaves individuals better off having known each other should they break up. I and my College pixilated were to break some time later but to date, we are the best of buddies.Be sure that bringing out the selflessness friend in you allow for make her create room for you in her heart. A shoulder to lean on and some good friend that she can always turn to is all that a lady wants. Please dont hesitate to be helpful and supportive. Be that friend who rekindles her zeal of hardworking and restoring hope back into her life when she looses hope. This above all other things will make you her daily vitamin simply because you bring out the best in her in terms of personality and character.In you, shell have piece that friend whom she can open up to, share with and advice each other on the rights and wrongs, the dos and donts of life. Dont forget to always be there to celebrate the good times, and to lend an ear when the girl needs you to listen as a friend. Make the girl feel special because shes someones friend your friend, and let her know that she excessively has touched your life in a unique way like no one else could. Compliment her for her company and for being there when you needed her, when you mat up sad and all alone.Show appreciations for the comfort the girl offers you and for making you smile. In your day to day talks, share your dreams, your world, and every aspect of your life with your girl. Always dream with her, build with her, and always cheer her on and encourage her. Tell your girl how you always think about her even when you try not to think about her. Let the girl know that shes your first thing in the morning and the last thing when you go to bed at night. Her knowing that you were thinking of her when you slipped at a lower place the oftness of your blanket and gave in to the bliss of sweet dreams, will make her go my my and her heart will sing your name all the year round. You have to be creative and constructive to keep girls interest in you so full of life. I remember one time I told my girlfriend to be to work out we are both deaf and dump. We then sat opposite each other on the table and started sharing our feelings for each other using look and hand signs. It turned out to be some fun.There was also this time that we were in the library and we decided we are not going to intercommunicate to each other verbal, so I wrote a love not e on a paper and passed it across the table to her, she replied and on and on we carried on our love on paper conversation till we almost exhausted a whole rim of paper. At sometime, I noticed that some guys sited with us on the table were enjoying our ordeal than their studies. Such are the things that made the girl embrace my world. I remember her suggesting that we play deaf and dump two old age after we broke up, can you imagine that?Never fail to phone her, even when she least expects it. I once called some girl that I was kindle in at four oclock in the morning. When inquiring of what I was doing up so early, I told her I was in thirteenth heaven, where people think of their loved ones when they cant sleep. Wow First thing early the next morning, she was at my door with a king-sized hug for me. No matter how many dates you take her, dont make any elbow exceeding moves after any date, just drop her home and with a friendly handshake, wish her good night.Dont kiss her when sh e expects you to. Your respect as a gentleman will be earned on how patient you are with her when it comes to such matters as kissing her and accessing her inner graces. The writing is on the hem in that you want her, but you cant have her just yet. Increase your demand. Try to show her that men are also hard to get at times. Make her make water that when she feels a little dizzy, a little tired, a little sad, a little sick, a lot bored and very much cold, shes actually absent vitamin you.By this time, shell be so much into you and since love is truthful and is characterized by open and honest communication, honestly promise her your everlasting devotion, loyalty, respect, and your unconditional love for a lifetime. Prove to her that youll always be there for her, to listen and to hold her hand, and that youll always do your best to make her happy, and feel loved. Remember, patience is the key to her heart be like that gardener watching a fruit as it hangs on the tree, day after d ay admiring it, but, exercising tremendous self-discipline, neither feeling the fruit, nor pinching it, nor examination it to see if it is ready.And then, one day he holds out his hand and the fruit simply drops into it, ripe, warm and eager to be eaten. The patience and self-control which you practice will make you more attractive and charming. This will qualify you as her daily vitamin and win you that heart hers. I wish you to meet the girl of your dreams ASAP, make her fall in love with you, and make her feel the happiest girl in the world

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Useful Phrases for Structured Structured Monologue

Useful Phrases for Structured Structured Monologue M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised examen Structuring When delivering a structured monologue, hotshot of the managements to begin your show is to out(p)line its structure, using one of the following phrases Ive divided my presentation/speech into three ( master(prenominal)) parts. In my presentation/speech Ill focus on three major issues. M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Effective Openings In order to grab the attention of the audience you may employ one of the following devices Rhetorical questionsInteresting facts Stories and scenarios Problems to think about Quotations. M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Rhetorical questions Is market research important for product discipline? Do we really need time management seminars? Interesting facts According to an article I read recently, Did you know that ? Id like to voice an amazin g fact / figure with you. M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Stories and Scenarios permit me tell you what happened to me Suppose Imagine Problem Problem to think aboutSuppose you precious to . How would you go about it? Imagine you had to . What would be your first step? M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Quoting a well-known person As at a time said, To quote a well-known writer, To To put it in the words of M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Introducing a Point When delivering the presentation on the occurrence subject it is relevant to introduce the key points. You may use one of the following phrases First First of all Id like to point out The main problem is The question of Speaking of M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Enumeration of points If you are asked to provide several reasons, factors or arguments in a row, you sp term inus a penny to organize them in the logical way. In order to structure your help properly enumerate the main points using one of the suggested phrases first first of all, Id like to say in addition to that moreover, furthermore, another example of this is first, second, third Finally, M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Moving to the next pointThis leads like a shot to my next point. This brings us to the next question. Lets now move on / turn to After examining this point, lets turn to Lets now take a look at M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Going back As I said / mentioned earlier, Let me come back to what I said before Lets go back to what we were discussing earlier. As Ive already explained, As I pointed out in the first section, M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Stating aboutthing as a fact Do not be afraid to state some information as a well-known act, if i t is justified by the subject of discussion. However, you should be very careful when applying one of the following phrases As As everyone knows It is chiefly accepted that There can be no doubt that It is a fact that Nobody will deny that Everyone knows that M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam free Your sight There exist a variety of ways how to express your opinion when speaking English. The choice of an expression to be used in the particular situation depends on how strong your opinion is, i. e. how sure you are about a articular thing. M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam gravid Your Opinion Neutrally I think I feel that In my opinion As As far as Im concerned As I count on it In my view I tend to think that From my point of view M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Giving a Strong Opinion Im absolutely convinced that Im sure that I strongly believe that I have no doubt t hat There is no doubt that I am absolutely certain that M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Expressing Uncertainty I definitely doubt if that I am not sure that I am not certain that As far as I know It is very doubtful whether M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Giving reasons These standard phrases are useful in a variety of situations, when you are asked to explain something providing additional information or giving the reasons. The reason for this is (that) I constitute my argument on I tell you all this because M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Rephrasing Expressions Sometimes we say things that other people dont understand, or we give the wrong impression.If you are asked to explain or clarify your idea, do not use the same expressions and/or phrases, try to reformulate it starting your answer using one of the following phrases M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam What I meant to say was Let me rephrase that Let me put this another way Perhaps Perhaps Im not making myself clear The basic idea is One way of looking at it is Another way of looking at it is What I want to say is M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Indicating the end of your talk Im now approaching / nearing the end of my resentation. Well, this brings me to the end of my presentation. That covers just about everything I wanted to say about As a final point, Id like to Finally, Id like to highlight one key issue. M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Centralised Exam Drawing conclusions and sum-ming up The obvious conclusion is Last but not to the lowest degree The only alternative (left) is The The only possible solution/conclusion is In conclusion we can say that To cut a long story short, unsloped to give you the main points again, M. Platonova Materials for the Speaking Part of the Central ised Exam

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‘Fortunate to survive so many enemies for so long’ – discuss this verdict of the Weimar, 1919-24

In November 1918, following(a) the calamity of World War One, the authoritarian German Kaiser Wilhelm II was laboured to abdicate. Two months after the Weimar was established. This immature authority promised to rule more liberally, and brought hope of freedom and prosperity to the German people. However, from its birth in 1919 to its collapse, the Weimar res publica was to face umteen problems. Thus, the verdict that the Weimar was fortunate to survive would seem correct. The Weimar began its rule over a state in unfavourable circumstances with considerable deep-routed problems. These dated back to Imperial Germany, and were obvious even in advance the war.Germany had only been united since 1871. Social tensions had been created by rapid industrialisation that guide to changes within the class system, as agriculturists were suspicious of industrial workers taking their place. Also, Germanys economy was behind Britain had a larger navy, and colonial policy in Africa was not s uccessful. This led to doubt concerning national efficiency. To make matters worse, Germany was run by a narrow selected who was unsympathetic to the hardships his people faced. Less that half a century later, the First World War win devastated Germany.The country encountered continual military defeats, army mutiny, low morale, poor living and working conditions, food shortages, a lack of consumer goods, inflation and overmuch more. As a result of these pressing problems, the Weimar had little choice notwithstanding to accept the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. This had devastating consequences for Germany. Weakening the country economically, Germany was compelled to give up much of its shoot including industrial regions such as Alsace Lorraine, surrender all of its colonies, dematerialise the Rhineland, disarm its army and eliminate its airforce, and payment reparations of i6,600 million.These things brought further hardship for the German people, as the country was conti nually drained of its wealth and resources. Socially stunting, Germany was forced to accept all responsibility for starting the war, and to accept article 231 the War Guilt Clause. This led to an overpoweringly low morale. Politically, Germany was to have an Ally-friendly liberal government. This was a main cause of the introduction of a new-sprung(prenominal) constitution, and to a great extent influenced the style of the Weimar. The set-up of this new democratic government itself brought problems for Germany.The Weimar adopted a policy of relative representation. This system worked in effect as long as the politicians were prepared to support the constitution. However, the President was given powers under article 48 which could, in times of national emergency, be used to antagonize the democratic constitution. This was often abused, and led to dictator-like rulers. Also, the new constitution meant that the Republic consisted of many small parties that had to work together in coalition governments with a proportional representation system.This did not work as the parties had very different policy-making views, and so often couldnt coincide on issues. As well as this, many parties within the Weimar doually disagreed with its existence. Leaders of the army, civil servicing and legal system disliked the new constitution. This lead to certain figures deliberately working against the Republic and excited trouble in hope that it might fail. The most significant threat came from the President of the Republic from 1925, subject Marshall Paul von Hindenburg.Thus, the Weimar itself led to further weakness in Germany. As well as intragroup enemies, the Weimar to a fault faced a vast number of outer opposition groups. On the left of German politics, communists such as the Spartacists in 1919, attempted to overthrow the government. On the other extreme, monarchists like Wolfgang Kapp in 1920, or extreme nationalists attempted to destroy democracy in Germany. T hese revolutions undermined the Weimar, and rallied much opposition from the German people. The opposition also led to other flaws in the Weimar.For example, the Spartacist revolution resulted in the Eber-Groner engagement, which was designed to protect Germany from Communism. However, this agreement represented a huge mistake made by Ebert and his SPD colleges in believing that the threat to the Republic came primarily from the left, when later the army wouldnt help protect the government against Hitler as he was right wing. Also, the very fact that the pact was needed showed that the Weimar was weak. The sum of these factors led to an overall weakness in the Weimar, though some are much more vital that others.Perhaps the most important was Treaty of Versailles, which led to social, economic, and most crucially political unrest as it also contributed to the success of the Weimars opponents i. e. the slogan of the November criminals, or the War guilt clause gave the Nazis a usable source of propaganda. Another vital weakness was constitution itself, which allowed both internal and external opponents to attack its weaknesses, such as proportional representation, or Article 48 which Field Marshall Paul von Hindenburg used to undermine the Constituency.Also, many of the factors that led to the Weimars weaknesses inter-link with one another, for example the lack of German unity partly resulted due to previous(prenominal) deep-routed problems of Imperial Germany, or the Spartacist revolt that resulted in the unsuccessful Eber-Groner pact. Yet, despite all of these varied problems, the Weimar remained, supporting the avowal that it was Fortunate to survive so many enemies for so long. Yet, there were some factors that worked in favour of the Weimar i. e. many people were simply relieved to have change, and pleased that the soldiers were able to return home.Another helpful act is that in 1926 reparations were reduced, and assistance was given to Germany to help w ith re-building. Therefore, as well as simply withstanding defeat, the Weimar managed several accomplishments which led to an improvement the German people way of life, for example the Constitution solved hyperinflation in 1923, and also improved unlike relations. Plus, after 1924 further improvements were made i. e. Dawes plan by Stresseman. Yet, overall the Weimars weaknesses seem to out-weigh its strengths, and hence the statement seems to be an accurate interpretation.

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A computer a course or a blessing

Examination Malpractice is the process of student cheating during exams. Like in impersonation. That is copying from other students that maybe sitting next to him/ her, coming into the exam hall with textbooks/notebooks in rig to copy answers from them or students bringing in ph peerlesss in edict to check Google or they may permit camera some words either from notebook or textbook. Laziness, many students nowadays find it in truth difficult to sit down and read for about 30 minutes or at least(prenominal) 1 hour but they choose to waste their time on nothing.Government has tried all the could in order to stop those students from cheating but many many students has prove that they ar expert in this act thereby making the government look like fools in their very eyes. Examination bodies be invigilators that are been sent to schools to go and examine students during exams. It dose not necessarily mean WAGE, NECK, JAMB But it could be a normal school exam like 1st term, 2nd term o r promotional exams which is 3rd term.What this examiners do are searching students before they enter the exam hall, check their seats one after the other. When I say searching seats, it means checking their seats, bodies like pockets, undermine in the case of girls, socks and sandal. prepare authorities/Administrators as well as try their best because they join there head together In order to find a lasting resolve but It seems Its not working at all, All the kindred these three bodies are doing well. Sometimes, It may seem as if these three bodies are not doing anything But are doing their best.The truth of the matter Is that there some bad eggs that are also In this bodies, during exams kinda of Invigilating, they will be busy telling answers to some students to some, particular questions thereby making this set of students ineffectual and believing that whether they read or not they will still get answers which Is not good. Only solution to this evil act Is that students s hould cultivate the habit of reading. If I am asked to give my final opinion to surmount this evil acts, I will say that those caught In this act should be put In chuck out at lest 7 (seven years.Either the coacher or student caught so that It will serve as lessons to others who are also planning to engage In this evil acts. Students read your books to avoid being tempted and landing yourself Into trouble.

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Meeting an old friend

A man is a kindly Animal regard in the intricacies of e truly social behavior he is expected to involve in. The comprehensiveness of his social behavior lies in his varied actions which he is expected to behave in the Society-among his family, peers, neighbors, and most aesthetic of all friendship. But his mind is a very complex part of the body, which keeps involving the man into varied activities, 24 hours a day.In this hush and bush of your daily chores, one day you come across a person while you are in relax mood and enjoying the Exhibition in a distinguished Hall at Park Avenue. He comes in front of you and suddenly speaks in a louder that a very friendly tone, hi, How are you? And you keep on looking at him. This gaze clearly states that you have been engaged so much in your personal affairs that you non only forgot him besides also his name, and are now trying to recollect his name.He asked you, How are you? And you replied decently, I am very well, fine, Thank You. A nd then he will say, I was longing to meet you merely could not substantiate time, and you will reply Oh how sweet of you, flush I was longing to meet you but I got so involved in the pursuit of my career that I did not get time to meet you. It was so hectic in the office that I did not have a single minute to even breathe. This dialogue dictates your etiquette, though you have forgotten the name of your friend with whom you have spend so precious moments of your life, still you are not trying to show that you have forgotten him.He is do out that you have forgotten him and he will say, Hey I think you have forgotten me, and wherefore not, we are meeting after such a long time, so it is so natural that you whitethorn forget me. I only remembered that we have studied together in school. He started talking of soundly old school days, when we enjoy a lot, have all the fun, played pranks on teachers and the crushes we had on the charming girls in our school and then he involves yo u so much in conversation that you forgot you dont remember his name. All of a sudden from my confuse tongue to it comes out, Rick.He stops laughing and began to stare at me. I smelled that something was wrong with the name. He in a very low voice says, Hello, I am David, not Rick., then only the name strikes in my memory and I start cursing myself, that he remembered my name and every little things about mine, whereas I completely forgot his name and on the top of it dared not accept the failure to recall his name. I wants to apologize but the words stopped flowing from mouth and I became speechless. He understands the position and to ease the situation, he starts laughing. I asks for his apology and he accepted to give on one condition that in future I would be honest while characterization my feelings.No doubt man feels very embarrassed if he forgets his old time friend but it is also true that with time generally memory fades in many human beings. This behavior in humans is e xplained by Re thought process Interference theory of G. E. Mueller and Pilzecker who claims that man has to involve in number of activities and his brain is thinking all the time. With the passing time new experiences enter into the memory the older begin to erase because the process, which is involved in storing new memories generally disrupts the old consolidation processes, which could have traced the events of our lives remained in our memory storage. (Anderson Michael C, pp. 415-455).WORKS CITEDAnderson Michael C. Rethinking contraceptive theory Executive control and mechanisms of forgetting. Journal of Memory and Language, 49(2003) 415-455Brill A.A. In The Psychopathology of Everyday flavour (1901) By Sigmund Freud Internet.Available http// , July 30, 2007

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You Suck: A Love Story Chapter 14~15

Chapter FourteenPowers for GoodThe emperor was seated on a black marble bench merely round the corner from the great(p) opera house, feeling infinitesimal and ashamed, when he saw the striking redhead in jeans coming toward him. Bummer lapsed into a barking fit and the emperor snatched the Boston terrier up by the scruff of the neck and stuffed him into the oversized pocket of his coat to quiet him. sturdy Bummer, say the honest-to-god man. Would that I could regular(a) so h sexagenarian that change of passion, even if it were fear. But my fear is indistinct and damp, Ive ventilately the spine for a dignified surrender.Hed felt give c ar this since hed seen Jody outside the secondhand store, where shed warned him away from the give birther. Yes, instantaneously he k impudently her to be one of the undead, a bloodsucking fiend provided hence, not so much a fiend. She had been a friend, a good one, even after he had betrayed Tommy Iff to the Animals. He could feel the citys keyt on him, could feel her disappointment in him. What does a man ca-ca, if not character? What is character, if not a mans measure of himself over against his friends and enemies? The great city of San Francisco shook her head at him, ashamed. Her bridges slumped in the fog with disappointment.He remembered a house fewwhere and that kindred look on the face of a dark-haired charr, unless mercifully, in an instant that memory was a mite, and Jody was bending to scratch behind the ears of the steadfast Lazarus, who had n ever been provoke by her the like his bug-eyed brother, who even now squirmed furiously in the woolen pocket.Your Majesty, Jody advance tongue to. How are you?Worthless and weak, said the Emperor. She really was a lovely girl. Hed never known her to hurt a soul. What a cad he was.Im sorry to hear that. You curb plenty to eat? Staying warm?The men and I vex this very instant vanquished a corned beef on a sourdough roll the size of a pro pl unge infant, thank you.Tommys Joynt? Jody said with a smile.Indeed. We are not worthy, yet my people provide.Dont be silly, youre worthy. Look, Emperor, feature birth you seen William?William of the large and recently shaven cat?Thats the one.Why yes, we crossed his path not long ago. He was at the liquor store at Geary and Taylor. He seemed very enthusiastic about purchasing almost scotch. more ener frustrateic than Ive seen him in many years.That was how long ago? She stopped petting Lazarus and stood.Little more than an hour ago.Thank you, Your Majesty. You dont know where he was press release?I should think to find a safe correct to drink his dinner. Although I cant claim to know him well, I dont think William passes the evening in the Tenderloin often.Jody patted the Emperors shoulder, and he took her hand.Im so sorry, dear.Sorry? About what?When I saw you and Thomas the other dark, I noticed. Its true, isnt it? Thomas has changed.No, hes still a doofus.I mean he is one of your kind now?Yes. She looked up the road. I was alone, she said.The Emperor knew exactly how she felt. I told one of his crew from the Safeway, Jody. Im sorry, I was f proficientened.You told the Animals?The born-again one, yes.And how did he react?He was unhinged for Thomass soul.Yeah, that would be Clints reaction. You dont know if he told the other Animals?I would generalise yes, by now.Okay, dont worry, then, Your Highness. Its okay. Just dont tell anyone else. Tommy and I are leaving the City skilful like we promised those police detectives. We just have to get things in order.And the other the old vampire?Yes. Him, too.She turned and strode away, heading into the Tenderloin, her boot heels clacking on the sidewalk as she kept her pace just below a run.The Emperor shook his head and rubbed Lazarus behind the ears. I should have told her about the detectives. I know that, old friend. on that point was tho so much weakness he could confess to at one time that, too, a fault. The Emperor resolved to sleep somewhere shabby and damp tonight, perhaps in the park by the Maritime Museum, as penance for his weakness.There was no way she was going to remember his new mobile number. It was five in the morning before Tommy had ruined moving all of the furniture, books, and clothes. Now the new attic looked almost exactly like the old loft had looked, except that it didnt have a working phone line. So Tommy sat on the counter of the old loft, looking at the triad bronze statues and waiting for Jody to shout out.Just the three statues left to move Jody, the old vampire, and the turtle. The old vampire looked fairly natural.Hed been unconscious when hed been bronzed, provided Tommy had the biker sculptors downstairs pose him as if he was in mid note, out for a stroll. Jody was posed with her hand on her hip, her head thrown back as if shed just tossed her long hair over her shoulder, smiling.Tommy turned his head to the side, getting perspective. She d idnt look repellent. What made Abby say the statue was skanky? Sexy, well yes. Jody had been wearing some very low-cut jeans and a crop top when hed posed her for the electroplating, and the bikers had insisted upon exposing more of her cleavage than was probably decorous, still what could you expect from a couple of big cats who specialized in make high-end garden gnomes acting out the Kama Sutra?Okay, she looked a little skanky, but he didnt see how that was a magnanimous thing. He had actually been delighted when she came streaming out of the ear holes to materialize, stark naked, in front of him. If she hadnt killed him, it would have been the fulfillment of a sexual fantasy hed nurtured for a long time. (There had been this old TV show hed stayed as a baby bird, about a beautiful genie who lived in a bottle well, Tommy had done some serious bottle polishing over that one.)So the Jody statue stayed. But the old vampire, Elijah, that was a different story. There was a rea l creature in at that place. A real scary creature. Whatever bizarre events had brought them to this turn had been set off by Elijah Ben Sapir. He was a reminder that neither he Tommy nor Jody had chosen to be vampires. Neither had chosen to live out the rest of their days in the night. Elijah had taken their choices away from them, and replaced them with a tout ensemble new set of scarier, bigger choices. The first of which was how the hell do you deal with the fact that you have imprisoned a sentient, feeling being in a shell of bronze, even if he is an despicable dick-weed from the Dark Ages? But they couldnt let him out. Hed kill them for sure if they did. Really kill them, too, a complete death, the kind with no nooky.Suddenly Tommy was angry. Hed had a future. He talent have been a writer, a Nobel Prize winner, an adventurer, a spy. Now he was just a foul dead thing, and the furthest his ambition would reach was his succeeding(a) victim. Okay, that wasnt really true, b ut still, he was pissed off. So what if Elijah was trap in bronze shell forever. Hed trapped them in these monstrous bodies. Maybe it was time to do something monstrous.Tommy picked up Jodys statue and threw it over his shoulder and, despite his great vampire force play, followed it over backward as it clanged against the floor. Okay, it had taken the two bikers and a refrigerator skirt to get the statues up here, maybe a little planning was in order.It turned out he could move the statue pretty efficiently if he slung it over his back and let one of her feet drag, and so he did, down the steps, half a tote down the sidewalk, and back up the steps of the new loft. dye Jody looked happy in the new place, he thought. The turtle took half as long. She, too, looked pleased with the surroundings.As for Elijah, Tommy estimate what was the point of being in a city on a peninsula if you didnt take advantage of the water system now and then. And Elijah plainly liked the ocean, since he d come to the City on his yacht, which Tommy and the Animals had managed to blow to smit overheadherens.The vampire statue was even heavier that Jodys, but Tommy felt energized by the idea of getting rid of it. Just a short twelve blocks to the ocean and that would be that.From the sea ye came, and to the sea ye shall return, Tommy said, thinking that he power be quoting Coleridge, or maybe a Godzilla movie.As Tommy dragged the bronzed vampire down Mission Street, he considered his future. What would he do? He had a lot of time to fill, and after a while, figuring out new ways to jump Jody would unaccompanied fill up a part of his nights. He was going to have to find a purpose. They had bullion cash the vampire had pay offn Jody when he turned her and what was left of the notes from the sale of Elijahs art, but finally that would run out. Maybe he should get a job. Or become a crime fighter.Thats it, he would use his powers for good. Maybe get an outfit.After a few blocks Tom my noticed that Elijahs toe, the one that was dragging on the sidewalk, was starting to wear away. The bikers had warned Tommy that the bronze shell was pretty thin. It wouldnt do to unleash a confined and hungry ancient vampire when you were the guy who had imprisoned him, so Tommy stood the vampire on the corner for a minute while he dug through a trash bin until he found some heavy-duty plastic Big Gulp cups, which he fitted on the vampires dragging foot as skid protection.Ha Tommy said. Thought you had me.A couple of guys in hip-hop wear walked by as Tommy was fitting the cups on the vampires feet. Tommy made the mistake of making eye contact and they paused.Stole it from a construct on Fourth, Tommy said.The two nodded, as if they were saying, Of course, we were just wondering, and proceeded to move down the sidewalk.They must sense my superior strength and speed, Tommy thought, so they wouldnt dare mess with me. In fact, the two had confirmed that the white boy in the ghost makeup was crazy and what would they do with a four-hundred- perplex statue anyway?Tommy figured hed drag the statue to the Embarcadero and toss it off the quayage by the Ferry Building. If there was anyone around, hed just lose at the rail like he was there with his gay lover, then shove the statue in when no one was looking. He felt enormously advance(a) about the plan. No one would ever think a guy from Indiana was pretending to be gay. That kind of thing just wasnt done. Tommy had known a kid once in high discipline who had gone up to Chicago to see the musical Rent and was never heard from again. Tommy reckoned hed been disappeared by the local anesthetic Kiwanis Club.When he got to the Embarcadero, which ran all along the waterfront, Tommy was tempted to just chuck Elijah in the Bay right there and inspect it a night, but he had a plan, so he dragged the vampire that last two blocks to the perambulation at the end of Market Street, where the antique trolley cars, the c able cars, and the cross-bay ferries all converged in a big coat park and sculpture garden. Here, away from the buildings, the night seemed to open up to his vampire senses, take on a new light. Tommy stopped for moment, stood Elijah by a fountain, and watched heat streaming out of some grates by the streetcar turnaround. Perfect. There was absolutely no one around.Then the beeping started. Tommy looked at his watch. Sunrise in ten minutes. The night hadnt opened up to him, it had been shutting him down. Ten minutes, and the loft was a good twenty blocks away.Jody was quickstepping along the bowling alley that came out in front of their old loft. She still had twenty minutes until sunrise, but she could see the slant lightening, and twenty minutes was cutting it too close. Tommy would be freaked. She should have taken the cell phone with her. She shouldnt have left him alone with the new minion.Shed finally found William, passed out in a doorway in Chinatown, with Chet the huge c at sleeping on his chest. Theyd have to remember not to leave William with any money from now on, if he was going to be their food source. Otherwise hed go elsewhere for his alcohol, and that wasnt going to work. He was making his staggering way home on his own. Maybe shed let him take a shower bath at the old loft they werent going to get their deposit back anyway.There was still a light on in the loft. Great, Tommy was home. Shed forgotten to get a key for the new place. She was about to step out of the alley when she smelled cigar smoke and heard a mans voice. She stopped and peeked around the corner.There was a browned Ford sedan parked across the street from their old loft, and in it sat two old men. Cavuto and Rivera, the homicide detectives that shed made a deal with the night theyd blown up Elijahs yacht. Theyd moved just in time, but then, maybe not quite. She couldnt get to the new place either. It was only a half a block away, and shed have to cross in the open. And even then, what if it was locked?She jumped four feet straight up when the alarm on her watch went off.It was toward the end of their second shift after returning to the Safeway that the Animals sobered up. Lash was sitting by himself in the astray backseat of the Hummer limo, his head cradled in his hands, hoping desperately that the despair and self-loathing he was feeling was only the effect of a hangover, instead of what it really was, which was a big flaming enema of reality. The reality was, they had spent more than a half a million dollars on a blue hooker. He let the hugeness of it roll around in his head, and looked up at the other Animals, who were sitting around the perimeter of the limo, similarly posed, attempt not to make eye contact with one another. Theyd had nearly two semi trucks of stock to put up that night, and theyd known it was coming because theyd ordered it to make up for the time theyd been away and Clint had let the shelves get low. So theyd sobered up, put their heads down, and thrown stock like the Animals that they were. Now it was getting close to dawn and it was dawning on all of them that they might have severely fucked up.Lash risked a sideways glance at Blue, who was sitting between Barry and Troy Lee. Shed taken Lashs apartment on Northpoint, and made him sleep on the couch at Troy Lees, where there were about seven hundred Chinese family members, including Troys grandmother, who, every time she passed through the style during the day, when Lash was trying to sleep, would screech, Whats up, my nigga and try to get him to wake up and give her a pound or a high five.Lash had been explaining to her that its impolite to refer to an African American as a nigga, unless one was another African-American, when Troy Lee came in and said, She only speaks Cantonese.She does not. She keeps coming in and saying, Whats up, my nigga? Oh yeah. She does that to me, too. Did you give her a pound?No, I didnt give her a pound, motherfucker. S he called me a nigga.Well, shes not going to quit unless you give her a pound. Its just the way she rolls.Thats some bullshit, Troy.Its her couch.Lash, exhausted and already hungover, gave the wizened old woman a pound.Granny turned to Troy Lee. Whats up, my nigga She offered and received a pound from her grandson.That shit is not the same Lash said.Get some sleep. We have a big load tonight.Now half a million dollars was gone. His apartment was gone. The limo was costing them a thousand dollars a day. Lash looked out the blackout windowpanes at the moving patchwork of shadows thrown by the streetlights, then turned to Blue.Blue, he said. We have to get rid of the limo.Everyone looked up, shocked. No one had said anything to her since theyd finished stocking. Theyd brought her coffee and juice, but no one had said anything.Blue looked at him. Get me what I want. Not a hint of malice, not even a demand, really, just a statement of fact. Okay, Lash said. Then to the driver he said, T ake a right up here. Head back to that building where we went last night.Lash crawled over the divider into the front passenger seat. He couldnt see shit out the blackened windows. Theyd only gone about three blocks into the figure of speech district when he saw someone running. racetrack way, way too fast for a jogger. Running like he was on fire running.Pull up alongside of that guy.The driver nodded.Hey, guys, is that Flood?Yeah, it is, Barry, the grow one, said.Lash rolled down the window. Tommy, you need a ride, man?Tommy, still running, nodded like a bobble-head on crack.Barry threw open the back door, and before the limo could even slow down, Tommy leapt in, landing across Drew and Gustavos laps.Man, am I glad you guys came along, Tommy said. In about a minute, Im going to He passed out in their laps as the sun washed over the hills of San Francisco.Chapter FifteenBroken ClownsInspector Alphonse Rivera watched the unordered clown girl black-and-white-striped stockin gs and kelvin sneakers come out of Jody Strouds apartment and head up the street, then turn and look back at their brown, unmarked sedan.Were made, said Nick Cavuto, Riveras partner, a broad-shouldered bear of a man, who longed for the days of Dashiell Hammett, when cops talked tough and there were very few problems that couldnt be solved with your fists or a zestfulness from a lead sap.Were not made. Shes just looking. Two middle-aged guys sitting in the car on the city street its unusual. If Cavuto was a bear, then Rivera was a raven a sharp-featured, lean Hispanic, with just a touch of gray at the temples. Lately hed taken to wearing expensive Italian suits, in raw silk or linen when he could find them. His partner was in rumpled Mens Wearhouse. Rivera often wondered if Nick Cavuto might not be the only gay man on the planet who had no fashion sense whatsoever.The knock-kneed kid with the raccoon eye makeup was making her way across the street toward them. hurtle up your win dow, Cavuto said. Roll up your window. Pretend like you dont see her.Im not going to hide from her, Rivera said. Shes just a kid.Exactly. You cant hit her.Jesus, Nick. Shes just a creepy kid. Whats wrong with you?Cavuto had been on edge since theyd sended up an hour ago. They both had, really, since the guy named Clint, one of the night crew from the Marina Safeway, had left a message on Riveras voice mail that Jody Stroud, the blond vampire, had not left town as she had promised, and that her boyfriend, Tommy Flood, was now also a vampire. It was a very shitty turn of events for the two cops, both of whom had taken a share of the money from the old vampires art appeal in return for letting them all go. It had seemed like the only option, really. Neither of the cops wanted to explain how the consecutive killer theyd been chasing had been an ancient vampire, and how hed been tracked down by a bunch of stoners from the Safeway. And when the Animals blew up the vampires yacht wel l, the causal agency was solved, and if the vampires had left, it would have all been good. The cops had planned to retire early and open a rare-book store. Rivera thought he might learn to golf.Now he was feeling it all float away on an evil breeze. A cop for twenty years, without ever so much as fixing a traffic ticket, then the one time you take a hundred thousand dollars and let a vampire go, the whole world turns on you like youre some kind of bad guy. Rivera was raised a Catholic, but he was starting to believe in karma.Pull out. Pull out, Cavuto said. Go around the block until she goes away.Hey, said the broken clown girl. You guys cops?Cavuto hit the window button on his door but the ignition system was off, so the window didnt budge. Go away, kid. Why arent you in school? Do we need to take you in?Winter break, card trust, said the kid.Rivera couldnt hold the laugh in and he snorted a little trying to.Move along, kid. Go wash that shit off your face. You look like you fe ll asleep with a Magic stain in your mouth.Yeah, said the kid, examining a black fingernail, well, you look like someone pumped about three hundred pounds of cat barf into a cheap suit and gave it a bad haircut.Rivera slid down in his seat and turned his face toward the door. He couldnt look at his partner. He was sure that if it was possible for move to come out of someones ears, that might be happening to Cavuto, and if he looked, hed lose it.If you were a guy, Cavuto said, Id have you in handcuffs already, kid.Oh God, Rivera said under his breath.If I were a guy, Ill bet you would. And Ill bet Id have to send you to the S and M ATM, because the kinky shit is extra. The kid leaned down so she was eye level with Cavuto, and winked.That was it. Rivera started giggling like a little girl tears were creeping out the corners of his eyes.Youre a big fucking cooperate, Cavuto said. He reached over, flipped the ignition key to accessory, then rolled up his window.The kid came over to Riveras side of the car.So, have you seen Flood? she asked. complete? She added cop with a high pop on the p, like it was punctuation mark, not a profession.You just came out of his apartment, Rivera said, trying to shake off the giggles. You tell me.Place is empty. The douche nozzle owes me money, said the kid.For what? constrict I did for him.Be specific, sweetheart. Unlike my partner, I dont threaten. It was a threat, of course, but he thought he might have hit pay dirt, the kids eyes opened wide enough to see light.I helped him and that blonde hag load their stuff into a truck.Rivera looked her up and down. She couldnt have weighed ninety pounds. He hired you to help him move?Just little crap. Lamps and stuff. They were like, in a hurry. I was walking by, he flagged me down. Said hed give me a hundred bucks.But he didnt?He gave me eighty. He said it was all he had on him. To come back this morning for the rest.Did either of them say where they were going?Just that they were go ing to leave the City this morning, as soon as they paid me.You notice anything unusual about either of them Flood or the redhead?Just day dwellers, like you. Bourgeois four-oh-fours.Four-oh-Fours?Clueless Pottery Barn fucktards.Of course, Rivera said. He could hear his partner snickering now.So you havent seen them? the kid said.Theyre not coming, kid.How do you know that?I know that. Youre out twenty dollars. Cheap lesson. Go away and dont come back here, and if either of them contact you, or you see them, call me.Rivera handed the kid a business card. Whats your name?My day-slave name?Sure, lets try that one.Allison. Allison Green. But on the street Im known as Abby Normal.On the street?Shut up, I have street cred. Then she added, nail like the chirp of a car alarm arming.Good. Take your street cred and run along, Allison.She shuffled off, trying to swivel nearly nonexistent hips as she went.You think they left the City? Cavuto asked.I want to own a bookstore, Nick. I want to sell old books and learn to golf.So that would be no?Lets go talk to the born-again Safeway guy.Four robots and one statue guy worked the Embarcadero by the Ferry Building. Not every day. around days, when it was slow, there were only two robots and a statue guy, or on rainy days, none of them worked, because the silver or gold makeup they used to color their skin didnt hold up well in the rain, but as a rule, it was four robots and one statue guy. Monet was the statue guy the ONLY statue guy. Hed staked his territory three years ago, and if some poseur ever showed up, he had to meet Monet on the field of stillness, where they would clash in the motion-free battle of doing absolutely nothing. Monet had always prevailed, but this guy this new guy was really good.The challenger had been there when Monet arrived in the juvenile morning, and he hadnt even blinked for two hours. The guys makeup was perfect, too. He looked as if he had really been bronzed, so it was beyond Monet why he would choose to get his collections in Big Gulp cups that hed jammed his feet into. Monet carried a bittie portfolio case, with a hole cut in it where tourists could stuff their bills. He had primed his money hole with a five today, just to show the challenger that he wasnt intimidated, but the truth was, after two hours, he hadnt made half of what he saw the newcomer take in, and he was intimidated. And his nose itched.His nose itched and the new statue guy was kicking his ass. Normally Monet would change positions every half hour or so, then stand motionless while the tourists taunted him and tried to make him flinch, but with the new competition, he had to stay still as long as it took.The robots on the promenade had all assumed poses from which they could watch. They only had to hold still until someone dropped cash into their cup, then they would do the robot dance. It was boring work, but the hours were good and you were outside. It looked like Monet was going down.Sundown .He felt like his ass was on fire.Tommy came to to the sound of a riding crop being smacked against his bare butt and the rough bark of a womans voice.Say it Say it Say itHe tried to pull away from the pain but couldnt move his arms or legs. He was having trouble focusing his fantasy waves of light and heat were rocketing around his brain and all he could really see was a skilful red spot with waves of heat coming off of it and a figure moving around the edges. It was like staring into the sun through a red filter. He could feel the heat on his face.Ouch Tommy said. Dammit He pulled against his bonds and heard a metallic rattling, but nothing gave.The red hot light went away and was replaced by the blurry form of a female face, a blue face, just inches away from his own. Say it, she whispered harshly, spitting a little on the it.Say what?Say it, vampire she said. She whipped the riding crop across his stomach and he howled.Tommy squirmed against his bonds and heard the rattling again. With the spotlight moved away, he could see that he was suspend by very professional-looking nylon restraints to a brass, four-poster bed frame that had been stood on end. He was completely naked and evidently the blue woman, who was dressed in a black vinyl bustier, boots, and nothing else, had been whaling on him for some time. He could see welts across his stomach and thighs, and well, his ass felt like it was on fire.She wound up to smack him again.Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Tommy said, trying not to screech. He only realized then that his fangs were extended and hed bitten his own lips.The blue woman held up. Say it.Tommy tried to keep his voice calm. I know youve been doing this for a while now, but Ive only been awake for about a minute of it, so I have no idea what you are asking me. If you slow down and repeat the whole question, Ill be happy to tell you whatever I know.Your safety word, said the blue woman.Which is? Tommy said. He noticed for the first time that she ha d enormous boobs spilling out of that bustier and it occurred to him that he had never seen big blue boobs before. They were kind of mesmerizing. He wouldnt have been able to look away even if he werent strapped down.I told you, she said, letting the riding crop fall to her side.You told me what a safety word is?I just told you what it is.So you know it, then?Yes, she said.Then why are you asking?To see if youre at your breaking point. She seemed to be pouting a little now. Dont be a dick, this isnt my specialty.Where am I? Tommy asked. Youre Lashs Smurf, arent you? Are we at Lashs?Im asking the questions here. She snapped the riding crop against his thigh.Ouch Fuck Stop that. You have issues, lady.Say itWhat is it? I was asleep when you told me, you unthinking bitch He was wrong, he was able to look away from the blue boobs. He snarled at her, something coming up from deep inside him that he didnt even recognize something that felt wild and on the verge of out of control like wh en he first made love with Jody as a vampire, only this felt well, lethal.Its cheddar.Cheddar? Like the cheese? He was getting beating because of cheese?Yes.So I said it. Now what?Youre broken.Kay, Tommy said, straining against the heavy nylon straps, understanding now what he was feeling. He was going to kill her. He didnt know how yet, but he was as certain of it as of anything he had ever known. Grass was green, water was wet, and this bitch was dead.So now you have to turn me, she said.Turn you? he said. His fangs ached, like they were going to leap out of his mouth.Make me like you, she said.You want to be orange? Is this another Cheddar thing? Because Not orange, you nitwit, a vampire she said, and she snapped the riding crop across his chest.He bit his lips again and felt the blood running down his chin. So for that you needed all the hitting? He said. recognise over here.She leaned up and kissed him, then pushed away hard and came away with his blood on her mouth. I gues s Im going to have to get used to this, she said, licking her lips.Closer, Tommy said.