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Manifestation Music Essay

Robert Allen Zimmer gentleman, or curtsy Dylan, was born to nonplus a star. As a tiddler he had dreamed of becoming a musical icon which he tried to achieve during his younger years. As distinguish of his ambition to become a famous musician and icon, at age ten, curtsy Dylan started to redeem poems and even taught himself to play the guitar and piano (Millar n. p). His musical style was primarily influenced by Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis which became apparent in the progression of his career.The conduct and passion of wharf Dylan in pursuing his musical career escalated when he went to the University of Minnesota where he began to consider the folk and rock shouts of artists such as Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie and Robert Johnson (Millar n. p). During his college years, he had a hard time attending schools because of his absorption in music. He at long last dropped out of college to engross his dreams. When cork finally had his break in 1961, he f irst played folk songs preferably of his own desired genre.His first album was not how he evaluate it to be because he in reality wanted to do his own songs. However, Bob Dylan turned his situation around in the next albums that he made. His bring home the bacon songs were basically inspired by the profound political activism of the young tidy sum during the 1960s (Lemieux 1). The people were very empowered to make a endure and respond to the pressing problems of the society like gender, class, and race. This escalating emotion ultimately paved the way for mass protests and movements for social change.These situations during the 60s also influenced the music of Bob Dylan which is distinctively political in nature. Although Bob would assert that he is more of a social commentator, the people listening to his music are actually receiving a different vibe or perspective (Lemieux 1). Bob Dylans harmony One of Bob Dylans most famous songs, Blowin in the Wind, became an hymn in Am ericas 1960 counterculture. He wrote it during the Vietnam War era as a response to the eventualities and casualties of that period in American history (Mason n.p). The song greatly depicts Bob Dylans observation of the political and social location of the society and how the people tends to shrug-off the escalating problem in the Vietnam crisis which eventually worsened. This is perceived in the second stanza of the song stating Yes, n how many ears must one man have Before he can hear people countersign? Yes, n how many deaths will it take till he knows That as well as many people have died? The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind, The answer is blowin in the wind. (Dylan n. p) away from the song Blowin in the Wind, Bob Dylan also created another politically prone song entitled The Times They Are A-Changin (Mason n. p). The song, which was actually written later on John F. Kennedy was assassinated also became significant as it expresses the confidence and the promise per ceived in the political and social movements during the 60s. As observed in the song, the singer is inviting the people from different walks of life to come together and pursue the future with a glimmer of hope and unity.Moreover, in the latter part of the song, Bob Dylan gave a great amount of effort in creating a beautiful lyrical stanza which encourages the people never to give up and get across looking for the silver lining in their current social instability. Bob Dylan is indeed a great singer during his time. His passion for music and empowering lyrics really enabled the people to make a difference and stand firm for what they moot is right. It is also because of the socio-political awareness imparted by Bob Dylans songs that he was seen by the society as a great protest singer and an sacred person as well.Works Cited Dylan, Bob. Blowin in the Wind. 1962. 16 may 2008 . Lemieux, Nicole. Bob Dylan and the Sixties A Social Commentary Reflecting Politics and Existentialism. D iss. Pace University, 2006. Mason, Catharine. Bob Dylan A Biography. March 2005. Bob Dylans Performance Artistry. 16 May 2008 . Millar, BJ. The Life of Bob Dylan. n. d. 16 May 2008 .

Grendel’s Self Discovery Essay

throughout the novel Grendel goes back and forth between the two beliefs nihilism and existentialisms. by means of the journey of figuring out the belief in carriagespan, he struggles for being a cultural outsider. Gardner makes it tough for Grendel to make a decision because that manage Grendel there are other cultural outsiders like the firedrake who shares his philosophy with him. Philosophies of life bewilder a wide variety for large number to choose from like in Grendel by John Gardner.The principal(prenominal) character, Grendel, travels on a journey of self-discovery, eventu solelyy becoming a nihilist, and by the hero sandwich Beowulf was defeated. Grendel struggles with his own meaning of life between being and nothingness. With influence from others like the Dragon, Beowulf, and the Queen, Grendel switches between beliefs based off two philosophers named Jean-Paul Sartre and Friedrich Heinrich Jacobi. The philosophy that is existentialism is a philosophical exe rcise which exercised an influence on many of the arts as well as on philosophy and psychology.The belief in large number have free will and can choose what they want to be is in other words what existentialism. Existentialism was a philosophical movement that dealt with the intellections of the way of life by many philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre. Sartre did not agree with traditional arguments of human nature he argued that in the courtship of human beings existence precedes essence. In his famous quote, the meaning is that humans have no set or fixed nature that determines what they will do. later leaving his mothers cave, he is free to an entirely some(prenominal)(predicate) world, a world of humans and other creatures, I played my way farther out into the world cautiously darting from tree to tree gainsay the terrible forced of night on tiptoe. (16). As a falsification against the rest of the universe, Grendel establishes existentialism as his philosophy. Grendel discovers that the creatures that he watches share a normal language and thought. This is when Grendel meets characters like the Shaper and Hrothgar, both of whom help shape his early belief of existentialism.May it be the destroyer of Hrothgar, or perhaps a somewhat benign antihero. The belief in nihilism is the viewpoint that life is meaningless. There is no purpose to life because it will come and go. nihilism is the more extensive version of determinism. That of which is a persons main purpose in life is already mapped out for them and they cannot change it. Nihilism is the total opposite of existentialism, it is the view of having no purpose and existentialism is decision your own purpose.In a way, you can look it as binary opposition because nihilism could be evil and existentialism could be good. In Grendel, Grendel comes in to the presence of the Dragon. Through his conversation with the Dragon, Grendel is taught nihilism. The Dragon believes that all things in the univ erse will end and are therefore meaningless and discounts existentialism as a philosophy and nihilism as the absolute truth. The idea that nothing lasts forever and will die is the philosophy of the dragon, The beginning, the present, the end. All time, all space. (62, 63)The Dragons conversation pursues Grendel on his philosophy of life that everything comes and goes In a one million million million billion billion years, everything will have come and gone several times, in various forms (70). These two different philosophies dictated Grendels life from start to finish. He was neither truly Nihilistic nor Existential, because he was a creation of both. His early experiences led to an Existential belief and his later ones a Nihilistic one. These conflicting ideas ultimates led to his ultimate peace, Is it Joy I tactual sensation? and his ultimate destruction. (173) Or are they the same thing?

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Assignment Template

A pertly manager is starting in the governance shortly. You suck been asked to provide an outline to this new-starter, so that they give the bounce gain some arrangement of the organisation in preparation for their start. The information you provide should include ? A list of the main reapings and services of the organisation ? An identification of the main customers ? The manipulation and goals of the organisation An analysis of a minimum of 4 external factors and their electric shock on the stemma activities of an organisation ? The structure and at least 4 functions of the organisation ? An explanation of how these different functions work together within the organisation to optimise performance ? An identification of the assimilation of the organisation and at least 2 ways this affects operations.In order to understand the organisational patronage or operation environment and fill out with detail organizational culture, it seems most-valuable to get the comprehensi ve information regarding the products and services, customer base, organizational goals or objectives of the alliance and its internal or external influencing factors. Considering the same, brief insight about orchard apple tree Inc. fag be of great help for new managers to understand and cope with new organizations culture. orchard apple tree Inc. is known in the global securities industryplace put up for its innovative new dimensions of digital applied science, which acts as the core competitive advantages of its business.Company has head known brand repute in the local and global market places, which entails it to expand its business of producing personal computers, computer softw atomic number 18, servers, consumer electronics and digital media for distribution etc beyond the domestic boundaries. orchard apple tree has developed innovation and new digital technology utilization as the strategy for product of organization and expansion of business in global territories. Most popular products of company are the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and the mackintosh computers and laptops, which rescue helped in establishment of its own niche market by the Apple.Certain products like iPods and iTunes etc have generated high volume sales in its specific industry segment of consumer electronics and media sales. With grand success of iPhone series mobile equipments Apple is still reaping the market through its innovative product iPad. One of the founding member Steve Jobs has formulated and developed the culture of innovation and new dimensions of digital technology as the key competitive factors. Apple has aligned its strategical thoughts with that of the approach of creation and delivery of new product segments and improvements in the active products in the market.Through such approach of innovation and advanced technology product development, Apple has build up its specific organizational culture and with loss of time extensive search and development programs a nd speedy upgrade of upcoming and existing products have become the integral part of its overall organizational development strategy. In its customer base main constituents are the unsalted age individuals and institutional organizations, who utilises specific products like iPods, iPhones, iPads etc for their personal use and mac computers and laptops for their professional or operational uses.Improvements and upgrades in existing products and launch of new innovative products have helped in development of organizational value and endure growth prospects. Basic approach of Apple towards operational imperatives seems to follow the integration framework, where different operational functions like designing, engineering, retail and research and development are integrated to develop high quality and advanced technology products. such(prenominal) approach of integration of different operational functions helps it in gaining flexibility and quick responses in situation of change in e nvironment.Most of the operational efforts remain allocated to express innovation and efficiency in core functions of Apple, like designing, engineering, retail and research and development, which bring uniqueness and sustainable quality in the offerings. As staple strategy of Apple Inc. is considered to be inclined towards development of specific products targeted to indisputable specific markets, thus even though it has earned impressive growth in past, a prospective threat of influence of external environmental factors also exists, which may potentially affect the business and growth prospects of the Apple Inc.Certain external factors which may affect the Apples business can be mentioned as change in interest or preferences of the customers, impulsive changes in the technology, entry of otherwise strong competitors in its niche market segment and change in rules and regulations of global market economies. Due to proficient advancements most of the technical specifications of iPods became available in iPhones and other similar products of other competitors thus it poses enhanced internal and external competition for its products like iPods etc.Similarly with administer of technology in global sphere some(prenominal) other competitors have also started optimizing their potentials to compete directly in the niche market of Apple, respectable like the case of Samsung which has posed significant competition to the Apples iPhone. Apples organizational culture is considered to be based on the integration of different operational functions and utilization of innovation and digital technology dimension in product development.As Apple operates in global scenario and utilizes the organizational communication, open-mindedness, inter-disciplinary design reviews and collaborative operations of technical teams as its organizational culture components, thus certain issues like cross culture conflicts and respective barriers of communication theory can affect the p roductivity and sustainability of growth prospects. Cross cultural conflicts can hamper the competitive advantages developed by the Apple in several years of effort.

Innovation in Edu. Sys and Exam Reforms Essay

launchAs it is a human nature to think about croupedor in each and everything in our life. Being a human its our joy to thing on this matter. We have changed our life style besides jibe to our comfort. As the generation is growing it is necessary to do according innovation in pedagogics overly so our coming age group sh either brood acquiring through education.As we commemorate our past mountain theatrical role to go to the guru for friendship and learn the skills and activities from him. But at that succession it is strongly believed if the person who is be coherenting from the respective field volition continue with that all aft(prenominal) the completion of his school. We can say the baby bird of queen mole rat will be a king after his father, a child of farmer will be the farmer, child of tailor will be a tailor etc.After the arrival of British happen (1700 Ad) on India the whole trunk got changed drastically. Now whatever we be study is at a lower place th e education system of western culture. We will discuss it in quiet deep in the project.As our work is non destruction over hither we have putted effort in the interrogatory remedy excessively. The wassail system of enquiry encourages the habit of cramming. Now a solar sidereal day we argon even able to give and take examinations online through transmit and with the help of internet. We will discuss this topic more deeply in the project. Innovation in pedagogics system genteelness system-For India to push back transformed into a developed nation in 2020. statement is an important component. Our education policy should ensure that India is transformed into a developed nation honourable instructors could generateenlightened minds and instill potency and will power in students to help them realize their dreams. It is important to ensure that teachers will provided with all facilities so that they can impart proper pedagogy to students. Importance of statement-Education i s one of the most important factors in achieving the exploitational goals of the orbit. It is an investment in the human resources. If the fruits of education have to reach the common man, it must be adequately and properly administered.In the present age of science and technology, it has been increasely realized that one needs to be educated not only to become a better man and better favorable being. Education has come to be recognized as the main instrument of socio scotch changes. That is why it has been rightly said that the destiny of a nation is regulate by quantity and gauge of students coming out of schools and colleges. A naked trend In Education-E-Learning fosters self-sufficient eruditeness. The use of E-Learning in educational activities in various fields has introduced impudent methods to enhance and transform commandment and learn. E-Learning provides individualized attending to the students. Internet and a vast array of digital resources and content are u sed for the purpose. E-Learning provides vast information required for independent schooling to students which otherwise is not available in the traditional facilities of classroom. E-Learning increase the quality of teaching, learning in the form of vast resources available to them. free-lance learners can now learn differently according to the difference they possess.In underdeveloped countries-learning can raise the level of education, literacy and economic development. This is especially authoritative for countries where technical education is expensive, opportunities are expressage, and economic disparities exist.The biggest advantage of e-learning lies in its major power to cover distances. For an organization that is spread across multiple locations, traditional reproduction becomes a constraint. All trainees need to come to a classroom to total trained. Additionally, the trainees learning pace is not intercommunicate as all trainees are do by as having equal abilitie s and there is little tractability in terms of timing and completion of the score.Ways of teaching and learning-Curriculum Fundamental modifications to the curriculum often took the forefront and corresponded mostly to the contend of catering for individual learning needs. The key words were openness and tractability. People wanted a more open, broader curriculum providing tractableness so as to give real choices. using of teachers Suggestions for changes in the development of teachers in general responded to the Challenge about readying and providing support for school staff. Key apprehensions here were collaboration, professionalism and experimentation. Creating and managing flexibility Once again, as with many of the points raised here, the question of creating and managing flexibility was linked to the challenge of catering for individual learning needs.Flexibility was seen in terms of time, power and learning content. Other changes Amongst the other changes proposed, areas covered include the provision of resources for disadvantaged areas broadening the range of learning resources and providing access away(p) school via various devices opening school, as a privileged place of learning, to the local community, to industry and to the wider world developing distri aloneed leadership with greater self-sufficiency for head teachers who should take the lead in teacher development soft research to explore the learning fulfil and results of these experimental practices initiated in teacher training courses.Role of ICT in Innovation-ICT is put to in want to change education. ICT is seen as a vehicle for Collaboration and contact with others at any time and place, enabling, for example, communication between produces and authorities. ICT is also seen to extend both(prenominal) the scope of communication but also the role of students, enabling them to meet and communicate with learning partners and become decision- chance onrs in their own learnin g. Tools such as blogs, wikis and pod/video casting are proposed to support flexibility by working onlineand making communication, edition and publishing easy across the world. ICT is also seen to encourage and help teachers by providing dynamic, easily accessible guidance and communication resources whereby they can find support and communicate with coaches and colleagues. Finally, several(prenominal) people pointed to the increasing use of ICT to support social networks and the potential use of these for learning. Challenges to be addressed-Disconnect between skills provided and skills required by the industry Revision of course curricula lags behind the need of the industry Out-dated machinery/ tools and technologySkill demand of serve/ Unorganized Sector are largely unmet Unsatisfactory employability of trainees because of poor quality of training Shortage of trained instructors and low instructor training talent in the country Low prestige attached to vocational trainingCrit ics to our educationIndian Education is although cheap in the world but still a common man today in our country cannot send his ward to a good institute. Examination schedulewe will study for almost 1 year (7 months in engineering). The problem is our writing wills evacuate by a lecturer with in 1 minute, because he will get more money by correcting more papers. scaling of on student is precondition by calculating the attach obtained in exam which is evaluated in less than 1 minute. I think it is not correct that the of already stated concepts or formulas in text discussion has to rote students and copy it in exam to get marks in exam. Of course, its important to know it. But his capability can judge by his research done on it, his opinions, ideas based on concept what is in text book. Our syllabus will not update forever.In our society it is believed, that who got high percentage, they are super brilliants.I think cooperate class, third class targets in engineering should c ancel. Because nearly half of the students in colleges belong to that category,which is not eligible to so many companies, some governing body jobs, and the most society will see them as losers. HE confidence will totally smash by experiencing these situations.Examination reformsIntroduction to Education ReformsOur entire education system is centered on examinations.Evaluation meat to add the examination and to give marks and ranks to students. Students knowledge is often limited to by hearting and reproducing the very(prenominal) in the examinations. There is no uniformity in military rank. Different types of evaluation systems are prevailing in different jurys i.e. Government, ICSE, CBSE etc. There is no flexibility in the conducting of try ons. It is smashed Board examinations are only part in classifying students as worthy and slow- learners i.e. in turn pass/ fail this leads to unhealthy discrimination. The tests and examinations conducted at present are only examen the memory power of the students they are not measuring the higher order skills of learning.The examinations are mechanical Correcting and posting of marks is done routinely. There is no scope for remedial teaching and testing to know how far a student is lagging behind. Examinations are not helping in assessing the all-round development of the student that is co- curriculum social personal qualities and health status and also they are not helping to testing their level of competency.Reforms proposed in the examination systemTo follow what is espoused in RTE 2009. Evaluation should have a broader framework and it should not be limited to examinations alone. Exams should include students displays, projects, seminars, collection of information and reports. The examinations should not spend a penny fear or stress to the student Evaluation should be around-the-clock and comprehensive and it should be the part and parcel of daily teaching learning put to work. It should not restrict t o rote memory. When construction of knowledge becomes primary in curriculum the evaluation should be continuous and comprehensive i.e. along with the teaching learning process. The assessment should be based on dayto day activities.The examinations should not be restricted / limited to writing but broaden to assessment tools the standardized observation, discussion, note- taking / recording, collection of opinions etc. the assessment should not only be teacher based but also on peer groups, parents and other.The day to day teaching learning process depends on the experiences of the children. So students participation should be there in this teaching learning process. Their knowledge, understanding and their application skills should be assessed. Therefore the teachers can record this information in their teachers dairies and manuals.There should be co- ordination among learning evaluation and objectives. Students note books, their written exhibits and all their other objects should be treated as assessment tools. For self- evaluation of students, quality remarks check list should be utilized. There is no need to test all the teaching items taught in the classroom. But only some important items must be checked comprehensively at random. After evaluation action plan should be prepared for improvement of the child. Reforms suggested in examinationsExaminations are a part of evaluation system.Instead of 3terminal examinations, 2 should be conducted.A test is to be conducted after completion of every unit.The most important item in the test is the nature of questions. They should be above the level of rote- learning. The open ended questions which appropriate the students to think and write and express their views on their own should be given importance. To evaluate these questions the indicators should be prepared. Entrance examinations and Board examinations are to be abolished. Teachers are to be encouraged to prepare their own question papers to con duct examinations. In service training programmes should conduct for teachers to develop their ability to make question papers innovatively. They must be given adequate skills to prepare Question Banks.Open book system is to be introduced for languages and social studies. The same test paper is to be used after re teaching and relearning for slow learners /non achiever. Evaluation in co- curricular activities like art and gamesThe tools/techniques like rating scales, checklists, observation techniques, interviews are to be used to assess the co-curricular activities like physical education, social, personal qualities, art, games, health and sports. The same things should be recorded in the progress reports of the students through grades. The school-implemented activities like wall- magazines, student dairies and teacher dairies and teacher dairies are also to be evaluated.After conducting the examinations the students progress is to be communicated to their parents as per the RTE impress 2009 childrens progress and achievement should also be displayed online.The Central Board of secondhand Education (CBSE) in consultation with the Ministry of homo Resource Development and keeping in view the spirit of National Policy of Education, 1986 has refractory to introduce the following education reforms- There will be no class X Board examination i.e. 2011 for students studying CBSEs older Secondary Schools and who do not wish to move out of the CBSE system after come apart X. The students studying in CBSEs Secondary Schools will, however, be required to appear in Boards external examination because they will be leaving the Secondary School after Class X.The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation has been strengthened in all CBSE consort schools i.e. October, 2009 in Class IX. The new Grading System has been introduced at Secondary School Level (for Class IX and X) effective from 2009-10 academic sessions.The compensate of Children to Free & Compulsory Educa tion Act 2009 has been enacted, which envisages significant reforms in the basal Education sector especially with reference to admission, attendance and completion of mere(a) education by all children in schools which conform to specified norms and standards. take over policy reforms in the higher education sector have also been undertaken, Section 6 of the Central Universities Act, 2009 provides for academic reforms in newly open up Central Universities. The reforms are being extended to other Central educational Institutions also. Exam reform Why is it needed?Because Indian school scorecard exams are largely inappropriate for the knowledge society of the 21st atomic number 6 and its need for innovation problem-solvers. Because they do not serve the needs of social justice.Because the quality of question papers is low. They usually call for rote committal to memory and fail to test higher-order skills like reasoning and analysis, let alone askance thinking, creativity, and ju dgment.Because they are inflexible. Based on a one-size-fits-all principle, they make no leeway for different type of learners and learning environments. Because they induce an inordinate level of anxiety and stress. In addition to widespread trauma. Mass media and psychological counselors report a growing number of exam-induced suicides and nervous breakdowns. Because while a number of boards use good practices in pre-exam and exam management there remain several glaring shortfalls at several boards. Because there is often a deficiency of full disclosure and transparency in grading and mark/grade reporting. Because there is need for a functional and reliable system of school-based evaluation. finaleIt should be clear from above that the system needs serious re-examining. some(prenominal) changes taking place in the current system are lovable but not worthless. It should be spread over all the box seat of the country not only to the metro and developed area. It is acceptable th at the process is quite slow but the results are fruitful.We have seen that the advantage of development and innovation is not just limited to the learner but teachers also. So the changes implemented by thegovernment must be communicated well, If the fruit is enigmatical in leafs, then it is of no use.New trends in the learning process are too good for the new learners. Moreover, they are entertaining, attractive, expectations of every students, perfect tense for the one who want to learn, and helpful to the teachers also in holding the attention of students.New reforms in the examination are also one of the areas under the focus of education expansion and innovation. However, there are many critics in the minds of people but they are natural, whenever there is difficulty before the await of one s/he will try to criticize the parent of that problem.We are finding many new ways to reduce those critics by developing many new methods of examine the talent in our new generation. Mor eover, that the new reforms in examination have given its contribution in saving strategy also. As the pattern of paper is so unbiased to solve out and check out too, by that it saves time, energy, and resources also.The concept of online examination is the best innovation in this field. Students can give exams without any long procedure of filling forms and submitting it. S the best example of it.Bibliography* Alan McCluskey Chairperson of EUNs Policy and Innovation Committee Researcher at Didctics, Fribourg University Editor of attached Magazine * Information was given by the Minister of State for Human Resource Development Smt. D. Purandeswari, in the Rajya Sabha. * (Source National Council of Education Research and Training, Education Reforms 1.1 p. 1) * References1 Ren Changrong. Test mode for computer-related curriculum reform of J. Fujian computer, 2008 (2186-187). 2 Jiang major Contemporary German vocational education and teaching the mainstream thinking of M. BeijingTsing hua University Press, 2007. 3 Jiang major. New system of vocational Education research M. Beijing Higher Education Press, 2007. 4 Xiao Kun, Luo Yongwu. Employment-oriented recursive method to build the vocational curriculum J. Vocational Education Forum, 2005 (1829-30. 5 Connor. Vocational education feasibility test mode countermeasures J. Modern-commerce industry, 2009 (3203-204.

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Federal Bureaucracy

The Federal Bureaucracy hires thousands of employees to complete specific goals. Those employed examine to achieve these goals proficiently, however their goals and procedures atomic number 18 part of a continual skin for power which inevitably leads to ineffective behavior known as deprivation tape (Pearson Education). Many have attempted to change the way the federal official bureaucracy does business in order to help improve the service wind to the public. The federal bureaucracy falls into many categories line agencies and staff agencies. post agencies provide services man staff agencies gather information for the old-timer executive director officer.Line agencies argon comprised of executive departments, g everywherenment agencies and corporations, independent regulatory commissions, and different central agencies and services. It is these line agencies that constrict and regulate the lives of citizens (Pearson Education). For the most part, the executive branch cook s the federal bureaucracy however Congress monitors the bureaucracy to run into that it acts properly. Many if not all people argon affected on a periodical basis by the federal bureaucracy any(prenominal) much than others depending on what their daily life consists of.While some of these regulations are excessive the agencies were created as a way to protect lives and the milieu. unity celestial sphere that regulates all citizens is levyes. No superstar can escape this. If property is have taxes are paid each year to not single the enunciate but also the county in which property is located. Aside from property tax there is also sales tax which people impart manufacture even if property is owned or not. Everyone who works will redress a federal tax at the end of the year on their wages and interest earned. Each household or person will net income taxes based on their marital status, dependent, and gross yearly wage.thither are those few select that will not have to p ay a federal tax due to the fact that they fuddle a salary that is below the poverty line (IRS, 2008). Aside from the IRS ordinance daily living, the Federal Bureaucracy also has a attain in regulate our emigration. The incision of Transportation (DOT) was created by Congress in 1966 and signed into right by ch carryperson Lyndon Johnson to ensure efficient, safe and prompt transportation for the nation. It was created to provide a convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the grapheme of life of the American people (DOT 2010).The mission of the DOT is to phrase and aline policies that will provide a proficient and economical national transportation system while keeping the best interest of the environment a priority. However, with all these new forms of transportation came taint something that our nation has been and is continuing to fight with. Just as the United States needs the military to protect issues round the world, i t also needs an agency to protect its natural resources at home.President Nixon proposed The Environmental Act in 1970 to fulfill the role of protecting the land, air, and piddle along with the health of the citizens living in it. The EPA was established not only to reverse years of neglect from industrial growth, but also as a way to ensure that the government, industry and public take wear out care to protect the delicate balance of nature for upcoming generations. The radical responsible of the EPA is to enforce environmental regulations such as the clean air act.This agency also has the task of helping Congress pass environmental laws and has the power to issue sanctions and levy fines. On a local take the EPA assists state government with their own environmental concerns by providing research grants and down fellowships, working with the public on environmental projects helping them get at present involved with the cause. Another area that has regulations on our daily l ives is in healthcare. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the United States Governments point agency for protecting the health of all Americans.They represent a nincompoop of all federal expenditures, and oversee more grant dollars than all other federal agencies combined. The Department of Health and Humans services works hand in hand with state and local governments, and many HHS funded services are provided at the local level by state agencies. This department includes over 300 programs covering a wide variety of different services. some(a) include financial assistance, head start programs, and child and substance abuse. One service in particular the FDA or Food and Drug judiciary has become a well known federal agency and effects the lives of all.The FDA assures the safety of foods and cosmetics, and the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. These products account for almost 25 cents of every dollar in consumer spending. FDA is re sponsible for advancing the public health by aiding in the progress of speeding up advances that make medicines more effective and affordable. The Food and Drug Administration also has responsibility for regulating the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of tobacco products to protect the public health and to tighten up tobacco use by minors.What most are not certain of is that the FDA plays a very important role in the Nations counterterrorism as well. They do this by ensuring the security of the food supply along with helping develop medical products to aide in the response to emerging public health threats. The FDA acts as a watchdog for our society to ensure the companies are complying with standards that are safe and have the patients best interest at heart. Without the FDA regulating society doctors would be able to hand out drugs and economize prescriptions without knowing what reactions and side effects could happen to the patient.While this is only fivesome federa l agencies that affect the lives of many on a daily basis, it is great(p) to pick one out since each one is very important. The one of most importance would seem to be the Environmental Protection Agency. The briny objective of the EPA was to streamline several other programs as a pollution control. The Clean Air Act, Clean Water and Toxic Substance control were all established to control pollution. Currently the EPA is working with the National course Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to get regulations on Greenhouse be adrift emissions.They are taking appropriate stairs to enable the production of a new generation of clean vehicles on light duty vehicles. These steps were presented by President Obama in May 2010. Finally on folk 30, 2010 The EPA and NHTSA issued a notice of intent to begin developing new standards for babys room gases and fuel economy for light-duty vehicles for the 2017-2025 model years (EPA, 2010). This goes to show that while 2017 seems like a long tim e the EPA is taking the initiative to make a difference and continue to find ways to help the environment and public health.

Not so Good Earth Analysis

The Not So profound Earth For a while there we had 25-inch Chinese peasant families famishing in shelter on the 25-inch screen and even Uncle Billy whose eye muckles button dissipated by hunching up real close to the convex glass could vertical almost make them outthe riot scene in the corking city for example he saw that better than anything, using the agate line knob to bring them up darkall those screech faces and bodies going under the horses hooveshe did a terrific job on that bit, non so successful though on the quieter parts where theyre just starved a appearance igging for roots in the not-so-good earth cooking up a great deal of old clay and coming out with all those Confucian analects to e actuallybodys considerable satis particularion (if I remember rightly gran dies with naturally a suspenseful break in the action for a full symphony orchestra plug for Craven A neat as a whistle probably damn glad to be leave office of the full-length gang with their marvel ous patience. ) We never did find out how it spotless up Dad at this stage tripped over the main necessitate in the dark hauling the whole set d throw pick on its inscrutable face, iping out in a blue second and curlicue of smoke 600 million Chinese without a trace The denomination contains not-so-good describing the contents of the poem, which is a negative adjective compound. It is a parody of the confirm got The Good Earth by Pearl Buck, which is about the good times, value and Chinese proverbs. The phrase For a while there shows how Western ordination is indifferent towards the Chinese. 25-inch Chinese peasant families explains that the characters in the poem argon honoring a 25-inch screen television. famishing in comfort is a juxtaposition in line two, whose comfort?Certainly not the Chinese. In line quaternary convex glass re after-hourss to the television. Dashes - in the first nine lines represent changes in tone of language and persona of the narrator. He saw tha t better than anything-there is much concern for Uncle Billy being able to see whats adventure than what is actually happening. In line 11, the main character is bored by the part where theyre just starving away, this shows his lack of clemency for their situation. Confucian analects Chinese philosopher. Analects atomic number 18 proverbs and/or apparent wise sayings.In line 21 it represents the television. From line 21 onwards they face to be more worried about the television breaking than they do about the real life tragedy of the expirations of so many Chinese peasant families. Line 25 (the last line) concludes with the phrase 600 million Chinese without a trace this portrays the complacency of western party in the way that they bustt realize there is life beyond their own lives, they are so immersed in themselves, that they think that this reportage is only for pleasure and once the television brakes the scene just goes off air.They befoolt realize that this is sti ll happening after the Television breaks, they dont feel touched or even realize that this is a real life thing not just some program. primarily Consider the general attitude very complacent and detached. The characters are unintellectual and apathetic towards the Chinese in the documentary. Revealing the imperfection of western society being too self-absorbed, and preying on their lack of consideration and respect for separates. The poem constantly drifts between fact and fiction.Floating in the midst of realism displayed on the television, and the artificial world which our mind reachs to block out the poverty and misfortunate that we are not directly involved with. Throughout the poem the media promotes death scenes and action, while blunting the emotional impact of reality. Dawe gives many colloquialisms to be quit of the whole gang this express the general laid back style of the poem. smack Dawe maintains the tension between humor and seriousness.The Not-so-good Earth ( 1966) Like Televistas this poem is centred on the common place activity of watching television. It is a concept whole within the audiences experience. Television in our consumer society is our prime writer of nurture and entertainment. Often the two become confused lives and human tragedy are considered a product, something that will engender interest and thereby generate revenue. The great the suffering, the more successful the program and the greater market share.Dawe is bear on that we have become desensitised to human suffering because it is presented to us as entertainment a product rather than an issue. The irony is that we have become emotionally distanced from reality even though the world enters our homes via television. The title and the film description are references to The Good Earth based on a novel by Pearl Buck. Set during the Japanese advance on China during the late 1930s, it contains ideas that the land sustains life and that suffering is rewarded.This poem d escribes a family viewing the film, neck with the advertisements, and their reaction (or rather, lack of) to it. They never actually see the end as the father trips over the cord in the darkened room. It is a very satirical poem that creates black card. Through the characters complete insensitivity and absence of either empathy or sympathy, Dawe expresses amazement at the complacency of people in our society. There is continual tension between the humour and the seriousness of what is set forth.For instance, Uncle Billys sight problems are comical but Dawes biting satire is evident by its juxtaposition to the riot scenes seriousness he is straining to see. The uncles triviality is as obvious as the insensitivity of the watchers. Modern man is more concerned with superficial appearances, using the discriminate knob to bring them up dark, the mess of old clay that is dinner, than in meanings attached to them. There seems an softness to comprehend the events as having happened to real people.The narrator is used to suggest unexampled man is apathetic and completely self absorbed. He is revealed as such by his inability to comprehend the implication of his comments. He speaks about the Chinese famishing in comfort on the 25-inch screen. The paradox is clear to the audience. The reference to the terrific job on the screaming faces and bodies going under the horses hooves reveals a similar insensitivity. The lack of punctuation helps create the idea that society does not pause to consider the reality of other peoples suffering.Instead, akin the narrator, we just move quickly onto the next item of information. here(predicate) Dawe mocks the movies idea that suffering reaps reward how can it if nobody even notices? The fact the narrator does not seem at all concerned about what happened in the unseen ending further demonstrates his lack of engagement. The blue flash eliminating the figure represents how quickly the situation has been forgotten. The blank scre en and the dead set may symbolize modern peoples inability to empathise with others. Our concerns are trite and centred on ourselves.Were indifferent to the suffering of others and view it only as a source of entertainment. Dawe also suggests that the media nurtures this insensitivity. It is ironic that in an age (thanks to the media)where people know uttermost more about what happens all over the world that people seem to care little beyond their own insular world. There is a sense of confusion between reality and fiction. It is ironic that advertisements for luxury indulgences like Craven A cigarettes have been interjected into what should be deeply moving moments of the film.The advertisement is described as having a full symphony orchestra which is a farcical contrast to the grandmothers death. The media does not treat tragedy as real and this blunts societys reactions and emotional involvement. cerebrate to both these ideas is the way people distance themselves from unpleasan tness and shirk responsibility. Dawes use of the aside( if I remember rightly.. ) implies that the narrator deliberately avoids discussion of the seriousness of the movies events. Not-so-good-Earth is a cagey poem that maintains the audiences interest. It is colloquial, using everyday expressions like For a while there, a terrific job and probably damn glad. This makes it very accessible. It is also personal with the use of the first person. It is, at least at first glance, humorous, but the humour darkens as the poem progresses. The title is a pun, referring both to the movie and our modern society. Overall, whilst the events are clearly exaggerated, they stimulate the audience to evaluate their own attitudes.

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Human Goodness & Beauty Essay

You ever wonder why great deal can be so harsh but yet still do strong things for stack? Do things they wouldnt normally do thats nice, but they did it anyways or are not suppose to do? The mass Thief is a book that describes lots of this and this paper testament explain the main proposition of the book. The Book Thiefs main theme is Human worth and smasher because the book has lots of tidyness in people, people looking bring go forth for one some other, and bring each other happiness by actions or words.With people showing Human Goodness they do good deeds to dish out other people or animals. This can go from helping a dog stuck in a fence to a person in a car accident. Even a fathead/girl that is a real pain all the time will help mortal that is in danger because they presumet wanna be the witness of a death or something/someone being hurt. show for framework that someone doesnt redeem anything to do, and a person duologue with that person finds something to give them to do they will usually grab it for them shown here, the periodical edition of the Molching Express, she lifted it out took home, presenting it to Max, (Zuzak 221). This shows the expression by someone acquire someone something for another person that they dont normally have and giving it to them. Most of the time they will be happy for you doing this.In the world there is good/bad people but that doesnt matter because they will still do something good for someone in the end no matter what it is. In the book genus Rosa Hubermann is a good example of this, Rosa Hubermann, brown hair, in a bun, atrocious cooking, washes article of clothing for the rich, and hard headed but soft hearted women, (Zusak 34). This quote shows that even though Rosa is a mean person, she is still nice to people at times. So Even a bad person will look out for a good person at times as well. For example they will save someone in a life or death situation because they are a nice person and dont c are if that person is mean, they are saving someones life and inturn thats what matters to them. alike people can bring other people joy done actions or words by, saying something that is really nice, or helping someone out that might be in theneed of it, but doesnt ask. Even just doing a simple action that someone is not expecting can make them feel happy and overjoyed. The Jew stood before him, expecting another smattering of derision, but he watched with everyone else as Hans Hubermann held his hand out and presented a portion of bread, like magic, (Zusak 394). This action of Hans shows that certain small things can bring people joy and peace. His action showed that small things can bring people joy because the jew was never expecting this, but the jew took it joyfully and thanked him for the bread.Not only does this show unselfishness but also shows that good people will sometimes not care what other people think and do what feels right. In conclusion, The Book Thiefs main t heme is Human Goodness and Beauty because the book has lots of goodness in people, people looking out for one another, and bring each other joy through actions or words. Like lots of people have done and said it doesnt madder if youre nice or mean everybody will help someone, somewhere, and at sometime in life no matter how rare or young you are. The body was created for many purposes and one of those purposes is helping another human being no matter the situation, or if its words or actions they are helping with.

The Symbolic Role of Horatio in Hamlet

In Shakespe ares Tragedy Play village, Horatio states as a minor character. However, the contributions and demonstrations he brings to the function and to the audience are genuinely fundamental and abundant. His role in the whole play can be put one overed from three angles. First of all, he is most close fri terminal of Prince village. In all the schemes, he performs as Hamlets informer, assistant, counselor and confidant. Secondly, Horatio discerningly and wisely witnesses and judges place figures and pull d professts in the play.He has directly or indirectly involved all plays developments from the outset to the balance. Thirdly, highlights the loyalty and skilful achievements of which hu existences are capable. Horatio links the audiences and carries the hopes loyalty to friendships, rationality to human behaviors and future, and rescue the justice to the world. Through the character of Horatio, the key concepts and benefits of loyalty, rationality and hope are por trayedHoratio is Hamlets most trusted friend as verified from the beginning to the end of the drama. Through his wisdom, he relates the challenges he and Hamlet face with respect to Claudius. In the play, there are three friends for Hamlet. The otherwise two, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, betray Hamlet for their self-seeking (yet understandable) benefits and find their own final destinations when they arrive at England. Horatio knows Denmark Prince Hamlet from Wittenberg University in England when both of them are scholars there.He comes to Denmark to join the sexagenarian King, Hamlets amazes funeral. Hamlet reveals all his retaliation plans to him. Horatio swears himself to top secret nearly the ghost and Hamlets pretense of madness to hide from Claudiuss. Even more important by dint of the mousetrap play, Horatio conspires closely with Hamlet to prove Claudiuss guilt. With all the ensured swear from the Princes letter to him, Horatio is the first to know of Hamlets return from England. He is the plainly real company when Hamlet discovers Ophelias death.In the graveyard, he presents with Hamlet when they view the Yoricks skull with the talks about glories and death, To what base uses we may return, Horatio Why may not imagination trace the noble dust of Alexander, till he find it stopping a bung-hole? (5. 1. 192-4). Horatio stays with Hamlet to the end of the catastrophe, to the end of Hamlets death, with the entire honor, loyalty to friendship, he comments to drink the equanimous wine to go with the Prince of Denmark I am more an antique popish than a Dane. /Heres yet some liquor go away (5. 2. 353-4).Only by the Hamlets final and firm request to him to restrain live to tell the masses of the story, Horatio survives himself to honor the Princes requests, and brings the truth, justness and honor to the world. Horatio best demonstrates his rationality and just nature outstanding all other characters in the play, even the key character Hamlet from this point of view. The guards beseech him to see the ghost as their rusting to him as a rational and knowledgeable scholar. (1. 1. 41 1. 5. 150) At that time, this title is the most respectable name for the verifications or justifications.This is just like nowadays we request the signatures from doctors, teachers or lawyers etc to sign various important documents to verify our life and experiences. He reports to Hamlet and bring him to the castle. With all the cares to Hamlet, he himself provides the audiences calm, resolute, rational and confident views of the ghost and the old Kings story But soft, behold, lo where it comes again /Ill dog it hough it blast me (1. 1. 25-6). By their careful plans and implementations of mouse-play, Hamlet confirms the old Kings murder.Hamlet gets really over excited with the confirmation. However, with the rationalities and intellects, for the best interesting of the Prince, Horatio calm discomfit Hamlet of any overreactions or rush actions . To meet Hamlets will, he brings himself back from emotionality to rationality and domain as he recognizes the importance to satisfactory Hamlets requests to tell the world the story. For Hamlet, Horatio is the key connection, witness and judge to attach and the audiences. He helps Hamlet form the plays consistencies.This has been clearly demonstrated in the whole drama. Only through the conversations between Hamlet and Horatio, could the insides of Hamlet show the audiences the Prince is not really fantastic or foolish but kind, sharp with dubiousness and procrastinations for his mission to revenge for his fathers murder. If we could say Hamlet is the emotion core of the drama, we office be able to see Horatio standing for calm, courage and kindness of the play, even directly from Hamlet, Horatio, thou art een as just a man /As eer my conversation coped withal (3. . 50-70) At the very beginning of the drama, Horatio, with the trust of the guards, help Hamlet to meet the ghost, the old King and discoveries the foul-smelling assassination. At the end of the play, Horatio, who saw the old Kings ghost, is companying and console the dying Prince, Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince, And flights of angels chant thee to thy rest (5. 2. 343-4). Without Hamlet, it would be impossible to have the intense and feeling the ups and downs of the love, hate, remorse, hesitate, brave, courage.Without Horatio, it would be very challenge to get the senses of security, wisdom, loyalty and rationality of human being has. The play illustrates the completeness with Horatio banding Hamlet from the start to the end with good hopes left wing to audiences. Of all the three important roles and contributions Horatio to bring to the audiences, every piece has it own special contribution to the play. Lonely and hesitant Hamlet has at least(prenominal) one of best friends trustable all time and calm and rational in any situations to conform and counsel.Horatio, re ally as a wise and apt scholar, can help the drama to reality. His unshakable loyalty and common senses call for the audiences to have the expectations when things are or may go wrong. His timely show up in the play has brought audience to both Hamlet and the audiences to the reality with logical senses. Horatio is the symbol of loyalty, rationality and hope in the great tragedy Hamlet. Works Cited Hamlet May 6, 2012.Primary Sources Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. ed. Ann Thompson and Neil Taylor. London England Thomson Learning, 2006. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. ed. Philip Edwards. Cambridge England Cambridge University Press, 2003. Secondary Sources Babra, Neil. Hamlet. Adaptation of Hamlet by William Shakespeare New York Sparknotes, 2008. Coville, Bruce. William Shakespeares Hamlet. New York Dial Books, 2004. . Hamlet. Dir. Franco Zeffirelli. Producer Dyson Lovell. Carolco International N. V. DVD. 1990. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. ed. The minister and Vi sitors. University of Virginia, 2000. Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. edited and rendered into modern English by Alan Durband. Hauppauge, N. Y. Barrons, 1986. Hamlet. 28 April 2012 . Horatio in Hamlet. 30 April 2012 Hoy, Cyrus. ed. Hamlet by William Shakespeare. New York Norton, 1992. Leggatt, Alexander. Shakespeares tragedies violation and identity. New York Cambridge University Press, 2005. Marsden, John. Hamlet & Ophelia a novel. Toronto Harper Trophy Canada, 2009. Shakespeare Hamlet Notes. Coles Editorial Board, Toronto Coles Notes, 2001. Shakespeares Horatio An analysis of Hamlets Friend Horatio. 30 March 2012 . Scene 4 Hamlet A Comprehensive digest of Shakespeares Greatest Tragedy. 30 April 2012 .

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Does the first Amendment affect your livelihood? Essay

Does the freshman Amendment affect your blisteringlihood? HmmmIm not sureIs water wet? Is the grass whizz thousand? Do skittles come in different colors? Do we up to now re completelyy take up to ask? Of course it does.The first Amendment is definitive for a lot of reasons, one being that it allows us to show our individuation and uniqueness. If we werent allowed to express ourselves, be it in writing dancing, comedy, and many separate miens, then our individuality and uniqueness would never be seen. We might as well be mindless drones. We all need mightilys to live our lives the way we want.We could just go through spirit following w scornver ein truthone else tells us to do, conform to what is the white-dominated government, or we can take a stand to defy our rights with the freedom of peaceably to assemble.This is what the African Americans did only a couple of decades ago, and if they hadnt then the humankind we live in now would be in all different. I (being Asian ) wouldnt be going to the same school as my friend (which is white). They would separate us and discriminate again me because I would be considered colored. Now thats different I can be friends with whom ever I want, all because of the first Amendment. Without it if something bad was going on some you, you wouldnt be able to do anything about it. some other reason why the first Amendment is important is because of the freedom of expression. Without freedom of speech we wouldnt be able to express out feelings. And also I wouldnt be here writing about it by now. well-nigh might commemorate thats a good thing, yet think of the alternativeif there was no first amendment I would be the individual I am today, I would of never learned to interpret the world the way I wanted to, and analyze facts and data of everyday life the way I see fits.I personally, talk out of foothold in many situations and say stuff that shouldnt be said, but for my benefit the fact that I can say the stuff a nd not be put in jail for it is a good thing. I mean I could go around saying I hate the president if I wanted to and it would have been ok (by the way I in fact do believe the president is a perform fool but thats beside the point).Just like the mess do in shows like MAD and Saturday Night Live. And if they were ban then you hold up MTV and VH1 would be the next to go. Imagine a world where Tupac and Biggie never existed. They were fervor to many mountain of today. Their songs and what they wrote about touched a lot of people, it would be terrible if there was a law preventing them from doing their thing.And freedom of speech goes on with freedom of the press. Where the media choose what they want to say and how they do it. We need the media to adjudicate many things and the media gives us an insight on whats happening around the world and allows us to put our own view on it. alike without freedom of the press we would have never gotten to read Huckleberry Finn. That book wa s very controversial and it was also banned from many libraries and school, but last course we still were allowed to read it and it has broaden our views on many subjects.Another right that the first amendment gives us is the freedom of religion. This particular right affects me very personally, because I have chosen not to have a religion. But even if I wanted to have one I could pick the one I choose and not have to stick with whatever was told to choose. Anyways, if I were to be told what my religion was odds are it would be Christianity, because most people in America is Christian. You see Christianity everywhere, even in our holidays Christmas will never look the same again (doesnt really matter though, Im in it for the presents, as are most children). Above all in that particular religion you have to believe in divinity and the whole thing about Jesus, so that would be a enigma considering I dont believe in god.Now people may say that it doesnt matter, they dont watch TV an yways who cares. Or its not like the read the paper, so it doesnt matter. And they dont listen to music, never petitioned against anything, and rant blah blah.They dont realize that they are taking their rights for granted. What if that day comes where you need to speak out for yourself and youcant because theres a law preventing it, what thenI would just like to end this by saying without freedom of right we would not be able to live in this world. The conditions that would be the effects of no freedom would be unbearable. The first amendment affects our live in more ways than you think.

Where the US Economy Will be a Year from Now

The US economy was growing steadily for the past(a) years. Currently, however, the US is facing challenges pertaining to the economy. Some troubles began to manifest as early as 2006 when a sharp decline in the housing starts was first observed. The subprime mortgage crisis occurred. Stock mart crashed and spendors fleed. The sparing swag continued and the dreaded inlet occurred. US officially announce it was in recession in celestial latitude 2008. Deflationary Ho go for Prices in the US Once the stinting crisis sets in, households at the lower income bracket felt the pinch the most.People with no nest egg yield no fall back option. They argon pass oning nones for home mortgages but m unmatchedy becomes scarce. Consequently since they be unable to pay the mortgage and their houses get foreclosed. An other effect of the deflationary house prices in the US is that foreclosed homes now created a growing list of unsold houses each old or new inventories. This postal servic e is much pronounced in sealed grocery stores such as urban Florida, California, Nevada, Atlanta and others. The lack of buyers for these houses set the prices to stabilize or in most cases, they go vanquish.Once residential foodstuffs experience this problem, potential homebuyers result not commit to buying a house. This is because they want to hold on to their bullion until the home prices go down to its lowest level. Thereby giving their money a part of leverage. What suffer be bought in hundreds of thousands vaulting horses before could be bought in a untold lower join now. With the homebuyers holding on to their money for as colossal as possible and the house inventory growing by the fleck due to foreclosures, a dilemma ensues.This is the biggest reason why homebuilding industry is the one most touch oned by the frugal crisis America is facing today. 2010 economical Outlook federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced virtually well news on May 5, 2009 that the three year economic slump the US has been experiencing is showing tell-tale signs of reco very. He projected that the recession could end new-fang conduct 2009, if US lead not experience relapse on recognize problems. Bernanke spoke before Congress saying economic indicators atomic number 18 hinting to a possible recovery towards the end of the year. further the climb out of the proverbial tunnel bequeath be nothing but easy.Bernanke projected that unemployment cases will go even higher even after the recession is over. Unemployment is truly cogitate to reach its peak in 2010. Also, result will be slow. The said forecast is based on the effect of the continuous get of the economic system. The government has taken more or less steps to stall the effects of the crisis like injecting economic stimulus and lowering interest rates and the results are now showing. If a relapse occur in the financial situation could drag the economic recovery efforts down. U. S. stock food markets take for shown a lot of check recently.The Standard & Poors 500 index grows to 35 percent since frame in which indicates that consumer spending has steadied and the decline in the housing starts prevail tardily stopped. Bernankes forecast that US will peg an economic growth at 2 percent in 2010 and 4 percent in 2011. Excess economic die away or the add-on in amount of idle plant and equipment would keep inflation low. Also, the US Central cant will maintain minimal interest rates for an extended period. Economists believe that the United States will recover from the recession faster than Europe, due to the Federal Reserves quick action on the situation.The International Monetary Fund announced in April 2009 that Europes recession might continue in 2010. Deflation and Inflation The thick economic recession felt all over the United States has led to an all-time low in consumer confidence. It has likewise affected negatively the banking system. These factors pr ogress to addd the risk of deflation. To counter the deflation risks, policy makers and the Federal Reserve have to adopt measures that are not commonly practiced in pronounce to ward off deflation by increasing the amount of money cosmos circulated. Policy makers had to expand fiscal spending.And the nominal interest rates are circulating(prenominal)ly pegged at almost 0% since December 2008 to ease up credit and its availability. This has saved the pastoral from being on the brink of deflation. But the same solution could create problems later as the huge increase in base-money has caused a number of people to believe that Feds actions could lead to inflation later. Inflation is not a problem as of the moment because households have decreased spending to a minimum and the money are hidden in bank vaults. Excess economic slack or the increase in amount of idle plant and equipment would also keep inflation at bay.The unused factories and growing unemployment do not permit busi nesses to increase prices of products and wages of employees. Once economic recovery begins and economic slack levels off, increase in money supply would finally spread way to increase in prices of commodities and wages. To prevent this from happening, the Fed must ask out the money it has infused to the financial system while in a recession. If the Feds cannot devour this quickly, rampant inflation would ensue. Hyperinflation Hyperinflation occurs when the prices will go up as the silver falls.This is the next challenge that US might face. This dilemma however could conduce to some advantages to the businessmen. Selling US buck and Japanese yen the devil currencies that will de hold dear after recession would be highly profitable. in the first place hyperinflation could go full blast lead astraying dollars and yen would act as a lot of money to traders. Once dollar value goes down. The value of the dollar sold would probably be twice its value during hyperinflation. E ffect of the Dollars military rating Dollar and Euro currencies are recently on a see-saw battle for supremacy.US dollar declined against the Euro in the past years until recently. The current global economic slump has caused the Euro to devaluate against the US dollar. Should the tide turn in kick upstairs of the Euro again, a decline in the US dollar could actually bring some advantages lower dollar could mean more opportunities for export since the goods being sold from the US are relatively cheaper now compared to the Euros. the discounted US dollar will lead to a alien investment boom that would eventually slow down investments being poured in the European countries. Decrease outdoor(a) trade deficitDisadvantages of a declining dollar rate vs Euro going or visiting to Europe would mean paying higher amount for goods and serve American importers would pay more for imported goods Rising inflation American credit becomes less attractive to distant investors Interest rates will go up to be able to finance budget deficit Countries to Invest In The Euro is not the only currency that is rising against the US dollar the Australian Dollar, and the Canadian Dollar both hold some promise. The Euro is a good alternative currency to the US dollars for investors.Also, in that location is a possibility that difference in interest rates in the US and Europe may increase and since returns usually increases along with interest rates, the Euro will then be more profitable to investors. If the devaluation of dollar occurs, countries that hold argillaceous(a) amounts of US dollars may shift to using the Euro currrency in their reserves. Some countries have already shifted to Euro reserves such as Russia, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela. Iran even wants to use Euro in quoting its Oil Exchange. If this scenario develops what might become of the US economy? one and only(a) likely scenario is that foreign investors who bought a huge chunk of s hares of stocks might sell their shares specially the S&P 500 stocks. The results could not be certain though because the effects of financial instruments could not be easily determined. cash levels depend to a large extent on the implore for the domains currency which is the result of economic activities and interest rate differential. more or less likely, US will experience inflation making imports more expensive. On the bright side, this would also decrease external trade deficits which is good for US economy. conflicting investors however will be hesitant to borrow from American banks or financial companies. The Federal Reserve might need to increase interest rates to be able to fund budget deficits which would affect the economy adversely. For those who want to invest in the market for currencies or the foreign exchange market or currency trading there are a number of options available. These include forex futures, currency ETFs, export-benefiting equities as well as preci ous metals related instruments (such as mining stocks). It is good to invest in precious metals. Investing in the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and mainland China) would also be advisable.BRIC or BRICs is an acronym for the current notably fast growing developing economies Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Goldman Sachs in 2001 declared that the combine economic development in these places could overshadow the economies of the richest countries in the world. There has been on-going speculations as evidenced by proofs that the BRICs countries are planning to form an league to create enormouser power. Investing in these places therefore would provide a better alternative to US investments since these countries development are greater compared to other countries.Invest wisely by focusing on Indian and Chinese companies that do not rely on American market to be able to buffer fluctuations in the US economy. According to economist Stanley Roach, China will recover faster than the re st of the world. This is because the structure of Chinas economy is very open. Export and import shares in this country accounts for a very high percentage of the worlds total. The recession sure as shooting affected its export markets negatively. Also, the Chinese government reacted aggressively to the situation and instituted some reforms immediately.According to Roach, Chinas economy will recover more swiftly if the country becomes more assertive in its implementing plans to encourage local private function at the same time they should find ways to decrease its heavy reliance on exports. Another country that holds a lot of promise would be Canada. Before the recession, Canadas economy reached parity with the US dollar on September 20, 2007. horse opera Canada particularly is gaining a lot of strides in the economic department. But Eastern Canada hardly lagged behind. Employment rates was at its 30-year-low.Ontario is backed up by its knowledge-based businesses and Torontos inv estment sector was doing well. Western Canadas economic boom was brought approximately by the world commodity markets particularly China. The mega-boom conditions in Alberta and Saskatchewan were due greatly to its oil reserves in the Oil Sands of Alberta. The reported oil find in Albertas sands deposits is believed to be able to cater to the worlds demand for a century or so. The excitement for the black gold stripping brought about by the pouring in of billions of dollars in infrastructure has spurred Alberta and Saskatchewan industries.The provinces economic success has trickled down on its neighbors British Columbia and Manitoba as these deuce cities have experienced mini-booms of their own. This is one particular reason why Canada particularly Alberta and Saskatchewan would always be attractive to investors. Oil commodity is very of import and would not be greatly affected by recession. The currency movements in the U. S. and Canada have opposite implications when it comes to the effects of general price inflation in both countries. In the U. S. , import prices are climbing because the dollar value is falling. In Canada, it is the opposite.Furthermore, in Canada, the impact of any future rise in commodity prices (which are usually specified in U. S. dollars) will be blunted. With a stronger dollar, however, Canadians need to lower down the prices of goods and services in high society to compete with other countries selling same export commodities. Also, Canada needs to destination an important inconsistency with the Chinese Yuan. The Yuan, since it floated in mid-2005 has been appreciating versus the U. S. dollar. But it has spiralled down versus the Canadian dollar. The irony therefore is that Chinese goods are getting cheaper in Canada and costlier in the US.Foreign Exchange Market or gold Market Foreign exchange market or the currency market is all about trading currencies. Even in these difficult times in the economy, there is always one curren cy or two that is growing. The stock market is in a slump right now. It is the currency market that has remained runniness which means it is possible to make money even under gnarly times. The US dollar, as a matter of fact, had gone up as the S&P 500 went down. Investors in the currency market have earned a lot of money in the past months. Currency market is one safe investment that most investors.Why does US dollar rise even if US is in recession? This is because during economic recession, investors put thier money where they consider is safer. The stock market is simply as well as volatile and uncertain at this point. So investors turn to look for the more stable options such as the moderate currency market by investing in US Treasuries. US treasury securities are debt pay instruments issued by the US Department of the treasury. These include four types treasury bills, treasury notes, treasury bonds and treasury inflation protected securities (TIPS).All of these are very li quid and can be traded in a secondary market or the aftermarket. This is the reason why when the stock market crashed and panic sets in, investors desire the more liquid and safer US treasuries. The surge in demand for US Treasuries buoyed the value of the dollar. Forex markets or FX markets is also other good way to invest money. FX is where one can trade currencies. FX serves to ease trade and investment among world-wide currencies such as US Dollar, UK Pounds, Japanese Yen and other currencies. In this money market, currencies are traded against each other.Forex is the biggest financial market today with more than $3 trillion daily turnover. Speculators market one currency for another in order to gain a profit. Financial traders are draw to this market because it is available 24 hours daily, five days a week. Forex market can be found in four cities New York, Lon wear, Sydney and Tokyo. investment in foreign exchange can be done in several ways 1). buying curency shares ETFs . The method is similar to buying stock. 2). undetermined a bank accont with local bank that accepts foreign currencies. 3). Buy foreign currency from online brokers and 4).Use online forex trading platform such as eToro, iForex and others. In tough times, it is always good to diversify the investment portfolio. The adage dont put all your eggs in one basketball hoop proves to be true now more than ever. Since the stock market suffers great losses now, it would be good to offset it with investments that would surely create gains which the US Treasury provides. Since the currency market represented by the US Treasury securities are not associated with the stock market, investing in the currency market would serve as hedge investments and a good way to diversify investment portfolio.

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Cross Culture Analysis

(A) Critical review of baffle- heathen manikins (1)Introduction enculturation has played an substantial social break in the evolution of humans enabling them to adapt the environment to their possess needs instead of depending solely on natural selection to hit success in completely walks of life. culture typically is do of customs, ideas beliefs, customs, codes, techniques, tools, taboos, symbols, rituals and ceremonies. some(prenominal) society has created its hold culture which is unique to its society. polish is characterised principal(prenominal)ly of unmatched-third comp unrivallednts which ar explained as be let loose Values Ideas which be considered important in life rout out be conditioned as cling tos. Norms Different salient deal persuade distinctly in divers(a) situations. Norms house be understood as the expectations of how people react to these situations. Artefacts Artefacts argon manufactured by men who hypothesise the cultures values and norms. (2) Cross- heathen Analysis In nineteenth century, renowned anthropologists Edward Burnett Tylor and Lewis H Morgan buzz off performed first cross-cultural analysis.Both Anthropology and affectionate Anthropology drive made signifi green goddesst progress from the stages of Victorian Englands dishonor savagery to civilization. The concept of culture peckfulister be understood as a response against to those Western concepts and according to the anthropologists, culture is embedded in human character. All people irrespective of the location and regions pretend the competency to categorise experiences, understand them by decoding using symbols and communication effectively. some(prenominal) fields such as Sociology, Psychology, Communication and Anthropology have contributed to the creation of main theories of cross cultural communication.These theories are primarily based on the value differences among some(prenominal) cultures that are spread all all over the w orld. Some of the important researchers who contributed to this field include Fons Trompenaars, Edward T. Hall, Shalom Schwartz, Geert Hofstede Edward Burnett Tylor and Lewis H Morgan and Clifford Geertz. (3) Aims of cross-cultural analysis The main draw a bead on of cross cultural communication is to understand the responses of contrasting people from alter cultural backgrounds in dissimilar situations. Some guidelines are produced to decipher these differences and garter them to break away communicate with one an new(prenominal). correspond to Alvesson, M. (1993),Cultural Perspectives on Organisations, 1992, Members of a separate who share a circumstance culture sewer be understood and interpreted using some functions. The group can be of different sizes. It can be a small group in a village, or as big as a continent. though the responses of the members of these groups can be understood as a whole depending on their culture, it further depends on the individuals character . The expressions of culture-resultant response can excessively depend on their own experience from life and the upbringing of that particular individual.The aims of cross cultural analysis are to harness the utilitarian function of culture as a means for human adaptation and better communication. Cross-cultural anxiety can be understood as a subset of Inter sylvanal circumspection focusing on cultural clashes. The conflicts and miscommunication lams to differences in the cultures and cross cultural wanglement aims to develop tools to understand and handle them. (4) Hofstede and his 5 props Hofstede conducted investigations crosswise the world to understand and read work-related attitudes in different regions.These studies have resulted in identifying five dimensions. These dimensions are masculinity-femininity, military unit distance, individualism-collectivism, uncertainty avoidance and languish term vs. short term orientation. Social psychology amongst and within umt een an(prenominal) cultures are being investigated actively in many respects and has acquired its own momentum over a long block of judgment of conviction. check to (Draguns, lee(prenominal) & McCauley, 1999) comparisons with in the cross cultures can be made with the help of personality variables within that culture.As opposed to this, dimensions can also be derived in multicultural research projects can be apply to study the relevancy and the proximity to their home culture. In order to elucidate the conceptual nature of the cultural dimensions, Hofstede made various efforts to elaborate the contrast between the individualists as well the collectivist cultures. As this is non the only source of difference, several some other Researchers such as Draguns, Lee & McCauley, 1999 also carried out studies on individualist cultures where the individuals are not tightly connected. They found that the priority lies ith expression after themselves or any other members of the immedia te family. These individuals have different goals and aspirations that might not be in line with the values and norms of the unblemished group. nevertheless when at that place is a conflict of ideas, in individual societies they raise their personal goals first by feeling autonomous. I n this sign of social framework, the focus is on achieving personal goals. Such individuals are loosely attached to each other and if needed they can slowly eliminate themselves from the rest of the group. They can also sever relations quite easily with their norms, partners and religion.However in collectivist societies, the most important factor is the group and there is a sense among the group members for solidarity and shared activities. According to (Goodwin, 1999) these agreeable of groups dominates in general as the obligations and duties of the individuals are not important when compared to that of the group. On the flip side, the collectivist societies are keener to protect the matt er tos of the members of the group. They are not precise concerned and whitethorn not necessarily help those members who are outback(a) their group. The boundaries of the group are slopped and explicit and they develop group egoism.though it is costs, the individuals of the members contribute more than oddly in the personal events such as marriage and other links with the families with in the group. They do not take like mere individuals. One of the other dimensions of Hofstedes dimensions, power distance, is also widely discussed in the cross cultural studies. It represents the members of the society that agree to the inequalities in the power distribution among various members of the group. It may be in the governings or institutions in which the degree of respect given those people who occupy capital positions.According to Deal T. and Kennedy, A. A. (1982),Corporate Cultures, the acceptance to power ine flavor depends of the lavishly distance and los distance societies. In High distance societies, they see power as the basis need of the group where as in low distance societies, they believe that power can only be employ when it is legitimate. The next dimension of Hofstedes lesson is Masculinity vs. Femininity. According to him, factors such as heroism, material success, assertiveness as predilection for achievement are considered as masculine.Other factors such as caring for the poor and downtrodden, modesty, relationships, and the quality of life are considered subdued and feminine. The differentiation is based on the put forward of that individual as the relationship between the Masculinity and femininity concerns more or less the relative idiom and interpersonal harmony. While feminine culture gives preference to quality of life, warm personal relationships and fluid sex roles, the masculine cultures success, a sense of procedure and competition and being brave.The fourth dimension, uncertainty avoidance, lays emphasis on the extent in w hich the members of a particular culture suffice to the mysterious situations or uncertain events. The cultures where the uncertainty avoidance is low are genuinely curious whereas the cultures where the uncertainty avoidance is high are more dangerous. Uncertainty avoidance generally refers to the planning and the method of dealing with the unknown events in life and those with high uncertainty avoidance generally have a strong desire for mutual consensus. Any behaviour other than this is not acceptable in that group or society.The final dimension is long vs. short term orientation. The focus is mainly on the time horizon of the society. The orientation in this dimension of the study is to determine the grandeur that is being given to the future when compared to the previous history of that nation or society than the present state. In this dimension issues such as pains and others are resolved by applying the orientation framework. Hofstedes diverse studies of various culture s have provided the necessary inputs to understand the similarities or differences of cross cultures. (4. 1) Limitations of Hofstedes modelthough Hofstede made several studies to identify the cross cultural similarities and differences, there are some limitations in this model. The primitive limitation is the limited use of samples. The samples with Hofstede conducted the study is not applicable to the all the nations and therefore the results cannot be speak to all the nations. The findings are generally based on the culture of the nation at a certain time which may be different from the result of the same nation at a different time. other limitation to his model is the negative feedback of the participants.Some people are glad to cooperate with the study but some people may go bad offended by it (Barrick, Ryan & Schmitt, 2003). Another limitation is the importance of the study to their organisation or the country they live in. Another limitation is to create changes not all pe ople would like to agree. More often than not, majority of the people cannot accept abrupt change in a short period of time. (5) Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner model To explain the national cultural differences in an organisation, in 1998, normal management consultants Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner developed a model named Seven Dimensions of Culture.They seek to explain the differences in a heterogeneous business environment and the challenges face up by the global managers in managing them. Their study is primarily based on the responses of several respondents on a given dilemma. The dilemmas are contrasting in nature and this method is used by them over ten long years to observe the responses of various individuals on these dilemmas which will be used to interpret the basic attitudes and values of the individuals. This method is characterised by developing vii different processes which are formulated into dilemmas.By preferring one side of the dilemma, the individuals from on e culture differentiate themselves from the rest of the others. According to Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, these responses provided them a tool to analyse how national cultures differ from one another and how culture can be measured. They also suggested that the differences in cultures play a major role in achieving success globally and observed that reconciling these differences can lead to competitory advantage in the increasingly competitive global business environment. (5. ) Limitations of this model * Failure in recognising the impact of personal characteristics on ones behaviour. * Though this model differentiated between several cultures, it failed to suggest any recommendations on how to work with specific cultures. * The dilemmas that are developed by Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner may not satisfy that it will cover all the grammatical constructions of cross cultural studies. * Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner suggested that the organisations must acknowledge the similari ties and differences between the cultures that they operate in.However, other authors such as Ohmae (Borderless world) and Levitt (Globalisation of Markets) argue that national borders are diminishing sidereal day by day and emphasised on the need to look at the world as one big global market instead of viewing it as different countries that are made up of different cultures. (B) National instruction Styles Analysis and Personal experience. The ideas about the national management mode over the prehistoric four decades have been dominated primarily by twain nations.First by the American management model then followed by the Japanese. National cultural heritage was thought to be the primary campaign for a particular management style. Having that as an underlying assumption, claims have been made that the management style is highly influenced by the cultural force of a country. Do the Japanese in general manage their organisations differently from Americans? This lead to evolutio n of ii main standpoints which are called as culture-free and the culture-contingent position (Child/Kieser, 1997 and Osterloh, 1994).According to the culture-free position, the management style reflects the deeper understanding of industrialism producing essentials of technological and economic nature. The management style of firms over the personnel does not depend too much on the nations cultural values but more bloodsucking on the engineering, size and the industry environment of the organisation. According to Barrett, E. (1992),The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Corporate Culture Analogy, the competition among the organisations in a business environment need conditions which back down the management style.As we all know that those firms which compete on launching use a more participative and professional management style when compared to the management style of those companies which are traditionally mass producers of plastic toys, screws or hamburgers. This can be observe d across various nations all over the world. Likewise, the cultural settings do not seem to have much impact on the management of fast food chains. The contrasting viewpoint is culture-contingent position. Experts argue that societies peril distinct and relatively persistent cultures which include shared patterns of manners and ideas.Though different organisations in different organisations compete in varied conditions, they all adopt similar cultural contingencies within that country. This may be one of the reason as to why these organisations though compete against each other manage their firms with similar management structures which are appropriate to the cultural forces of the country. Culture of the country may matter for management, but it certainly is not the primary factor which influences the management style of the organisation. (6) European Cultural DiversityAccording to (Hofstede, 1993 Munch, 1993), despite sharing a lot of history, it is quite surprising that many of the European countries are still heterogeneous culturally. Though the integration of European countries brought about some economic forces, the culture and traditions of these countries still remain very different to that of each other. The nations that can claim to have developed typical cultures are American and Japanese. European countries are far from having a distinctive culture of their own. In order to overcome the present day pressures, they have developed diverse approaches of their own to cope with them.Among the European countries the national differences between the countries are greater than that of the non-European countries when it comes to dealing with the problems of technology development, economic outgrowth and pollution control. (7) British Model of Pragmatic Management Though Britain had a strong industrial dominance in the nineteenth century, after Second conception War it has lost its strength both economically and educationally. Over the past decade or s o, the global competitiveness and the economic recovery signs have been strong for Britain.Several factors such as political stability de-regulation of industries, and the English language advantage has attracted foreign direct investments from all across the musket ball which lead to the creation of entrepreneurial dynamism (ul-Haq, 2000). However according to ostiarius (1990), one of the important reasons for the continuous decline in the economic performance is the overlook of quality in British educational system? best education has been restricted to a few groups. Important sectors like technology and engineering has been given lower priority.This resulted in the impact on the management in general and society in particular. While there are exceptional employees who are well trained for professional work, majority of them lack in depth education and skills when compared to the other highly industrialised nations. This can explain about the difference between blue-collar a nd white-collar workers, especially managers, appear to reflect the social structures of the society. The relationship between the workers and the management is generally characterised by mistrust and hostility, as a result of the conflict of interest between the two classes.Source Martin, J. (1992),Cultures in Organisations Three Perspectives Let us discuss various management styles and critically examine if that is the style in my own country. i. Autocratic In this management style, the decision making lies with the managers and they hold their decision on the employees. They do not have a two way communication with the employees because they dont trust them. This can be demotivating to employees, but this style is suitable for organisations that have to take quick decisions and manage large number of employees.I am from India and I can register that this management style is not widely used across the country but can be seen in large organisations particularly in IT firms that have large number of employees to manage. ii. Paternalistic Paternalistic managers listen to the concerns of the employees in the first place taking decision with respect to their social and recreational needs. The information unravel is from top to nookie as they give direction to the employees. Interesting aspect is that they also take feedback form the employees which can be very effective. only the decision making on an issue may take continuing than usual.This will help improve the morale of the employee. This management style can be observed in India though not widely. An organisation from the merchandising and Service industries and tourism industry in particular adopts this style of management. iii. popular Everyone is involved in the decision process in this management style. productiveness and job satisfaction is improved as the communication flows from top to bottom in this approach. Employees motivation will be high as they are recognised and considered to be import ant to the organisation.On the flip side, it is difficult to contribute consensus on any issue and therefore slows down the process significantly. sometimes there is also a risk that the managers may not be able to implement the best decisions. This style is not usually alter in India as the mind sets of people are quite different and it may take quite long to take a decision. However this management style when implemented effectively with a judicious diverseness can result in producing desired results. Source Adler, N. J. (1991)International Dimensions of organisational Behaviour. Personally, my style has always been employee empowerment.The people I choose to have thought people work under me, not automatons. Because of this, my tax gets simpler and I can accomplish the targets in due course. I have learnt a great deal and also enriched my knowledge base as well as my skill levels. I am always aware of the fact that my task is to manage my team and they have their own tasks. I must change them to deliver their best whether it is sales, operations or something else. Due to this, the members of the team can come up and discuss their ideas with me without any fear. To my mind, no organisation can grow if its employees do not grow. 8) Conclusion As per my experience, persistent growth can be achieved by organisations by implementing proper management styles. They can solve organisational problems improve employee productivity and loyalty and satisfaction. Satisfied customers and higher returns of the investment is the key for all the organisations at the end of the day. On the flip side, adopting an preposterous management structure will lead to tensions between managers and their subordinates resulting in little employee morale and depleting productivity. (9) BIBLIOGRAPHY i. Alvesson, M. 1993),Cultural Perspectives on Organisations, 1992 ii. Deal T. and Kennedy, A. A. (1982),Corporate Cultures, iii. Barrett, E. (1992),The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Corporate Culture Analogy iv. Martin, J. (1992),Cultures in Orgnanizations Three Perspectives v. Kono, T. (1990), Corporate Culture and Long strand Planning vi. Adler, N. J. (1991)International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior. vii. Riding the Waves of Culture(Fons Trompenaars & Charles Hampden-Turner), 1990. viii. Five Minds for the future tense(Howard Gardner), 1982 ix. Burack, E. H. 1991), Changing the Corporate Culture x. Hampden-Turner, C. (1990),Corporate Culture (10) Web References i. http//ezinearticles. com/? How-To-Understand-Cross-Cultural-Analysis&id=403111 ii. http//www. itapintl. com/facultyandresources/articlelibrarymain/the-use-and-misuse-of-questionnaires-in-intercultural-training. hypertext markup language iii. http//www. blurtit. com/q410358. html iv. http//www. blurtit. com/q792848. html v. http//ivythesis. typepad. com/2010/07/what-are-the-limitations-on-hofstedes-and-globe-studies. html vi. http//www. wright. edu/scott. williams/LeaderLetter/culture. h tm