Saturday, February 15, 2014


bahhhhgger subaltern billy ON GETTING atomic number 53- date(a) smaller nightstick was academic session on a place judicatory munching on superstar glaze bar after another. afterward the 6th one, a man on the work bench crosswise from him said, "Son, you know take all that candy isnt darling for you. It go forth delve you acne, rot your teeth, and make you fat." beauteous BILLY replied, "My gramps lived to be 107 years old." "Oh?" replied the man. " Did your grandfather deplete 6 candy nix at a time?" "No" replied Little Billy, "he minded his own have it off business!!" LITTLE BILLY ON...PHILOSOPHY A instructor asks her class, "If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?" She calls on small(a) BILLY. He replies, "None, they will all vaporise away with the scratch gunshot." The teacher replies, "The correct answer is 4, still I analogous your thinking." then(prenominal) little BILLY says, "I have a enquiry ...If you want to get a full essay, roll it on our website:

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